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this is a new forum right? which magically appeared somewhere between me walking from my house to here...well posting my photo again...partly cause im really proud of it but also cause i wanna post in this forum...

other people should post photoshopped self-pics and stuff here too
Very cool-ness, Porcelain... I like the colors 'n wavy stuff... Howdja' do that? M'kay, piccies away~! biggrin.gif Well, I couldn't find a full-body pic to fool around with like you were able to, but eh, here's a small headshot I was fiddling with randomly... Just levels and colorization and hues... Shield yourself while you can!

Oh, and if people need space to host stuff and don't know where to go, try (or just They give you 10 MB, but don't host GIFs which is annoying, but good enough for me. happy.gif
Oooh! That's cool, Porce! And Sammi! smile.gif

I hadn't even noticed this

I have one photoshopped pic of myself that I can think lol. The picture consists of me, Missy, and Aries...all with our heads atop one of the Charlie's Angels. biggrin.gif long story...
sammi, i cant remember what i did to be honest...just faffing about with layers and i somehow got that cool wavy look using a pattern with the paint-bucket tool.

and the background is just a normal black/red gradient attacked with difference clouds and then the plastic wrap filter a few times tongue.gif

ignorant faffage for all! yay!!!

your pic is dead cool. none of mine come out very well when i start messing around with the colours and stuff sad.gif
Pah. Yours is very cool dearest Porce, no worries. biggrin.gif Better than mine in any case... And I tried what you were talking about with the ripples 'n stuff, but I don't think it came out too well... blink.gif Yours is much better... Oh well, me tried...

Eh...might as well. I changed the photo that was here before because I didn't like it all that much, so here's a lovely bluish one for you. That has to count for something...I use it as my KYTN avatar...

Silver Star Angel of Da Towers
you look so sad...

Boo. Mmm Fireworks MX
Sir Maxerpopple
Are those fingers in front of the camera?
QUOTE (Sir Maxerpopple @ Jan 16 2004, 11:18 PM)
Are those fingers in front of the camera?

Who me?

Here is the original picture.

I think its scary without anything done to it unsure.gif I don't much like that picture..
Sir Maxerpopple
Then what are those dark blurs across it?
Just a fade effect used in Fireworks MX. Without it the blue just looked strange smile.gif

I probably should have just cropped it a little.
Sir Maxerpopple
Some tribal warpaint or some antlers. Those would be niiice.

Can't beleive I just said niiice.
Here's a weird picture of me and my sisters. I'm the one on the left with the bright red hair.

Weary Traveler
well this could have been much better but photoshop wasn't working this morning so I had to use fireworks amd I must say that its not half as good a program. anyhow here it is
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