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Full Version: Thanky!
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The poetry corner idea, which everybody talked about, then coming up with an art work type forum.. Looks like it made it biggrin.gif yay! Thanks, good work guys. Lets hope it doesn't just fold and go bye bye sad.gif

Now artworks and such aren't scattered through everything. Woop! Now I think I should start posting something artsy mm.. Or poeticy since it is what I can acctually do rolleyes.gif

blink.gif Well... Here goes!

Mr. Lillon, Take Flight!
Vile murderers.

Popping his head out the window and looking about,
the little man did see, to his amazement,
a parade! How exciting? But so early?
So early in the morn, 'twas no ordinary parade.
Torches, ropes, forks, and shovels. All coming his way.
To his door, the parade did come,
breaking it down, and filing up the steps.
Think quick! Feet take flight! Hide, my good man!
And the man fled. Out the window and unto the roof tops.
Tip toeing onward, he heard a crack. In fell the door.
Where could he go, where could he hide?
Like a pack of wolves thirsty for blood,
this parade would pursue. They wanted his neck!
All he could do is flee, but not forever.
They couldn't just let him flee, never!

The chase would continue on through the day,
What did this man do? How upsetting could it be?
Ah, the tale of a man. A great man.
Considered insane for his ideas and thoughts,
he went through the streets telling all who would listen.
He told tales. Stories of discoveries, to entertain.
His truths, the tales, considered a fools words.
Thought insane, filling childrens brains,
their parents wanted none of it. 'Twas the decision.
The final decision by adults, a childs word forgotten.
They wouldn't listen, and did what they though best.
Best for the children. The death of his mind.
The mind of a genious to be destroyed.
He loved the children, and now he was wanted... Dead.
And the children? In turn, they loved him.

The man ran as best as he could,
finding ways to get wherever he was going faster.
Wanting not to abandon the children,
but also wanting what was best for him.
He fled from town to town,
spreading his tales, and word that he lived.
His knowledge, his tales, their insanity.
He still fled, and hid from the world.
Would he ever return?

-Andy Hillier

Ah, well, there are more than just that one. There is one before it and one after it. I can write them in later I suppose. unsure.gif
Dreams On Hiatus
hey that's not bad. You know, if you like writing poetry and stuff, you can go to and sign up. At allpoetry you can comment on other people's poems, receive comments, and even start contests where you decided the rules/topics. It's a great site -- I go there all the time. Here's one of my poems, though it's not the best... unsure.gif But oh well lol. (Oh yeah, and your poems that you write are copywrited, so no one can steal them smile.gif )

The Dreamweavers

As I close my eyes
And let the consciousness slip away
In come the Dreamweavers; walking at the end of day.

They carry the stars in their eyes;
And the moon in their hair;
And on their wings
Flecks of fairy dust sparkle;
Golden pinpricks in the dark night.

Dreamweavers weave their magic
Creating dreams of darkness.
But they forget about the
Swinging o'er my slumbering head
Their wings get caught and their hands are bound
Within the labyrinth of silver thread.

Never again will they disturb my heart
My good dreams, my wishes, my hopes.
Their magic is bound within the net
Of my Dreamcatcher.

But if the threads break...
Sir Maxerpopple
In the poetry contest I thought this poem was incredible spoon. Very good work. The only reason youd idn't get my number one was perhaps a need for some more imagery is in order. The fountain is well described, but the best is a bit hazy.

Great poem though.
Maxerpopple, that was acctually the basics for the poem. It was a draft, not the final smile.gif The one in the contest that is..
Sir Maxerpopple
I think I made a mistake. I read the original thread a while ago and then just posted now. I thought you put he fountain poem in here. I understand why I now made little sense. dry.gif

Its fine. This one isn't that great, I can do better laugh.gif I just don't really use my skills to write as much as I probably should. I'm learning to pull it together more, I'm just starting I think. After all I am only 14, right? smile.gif I have a lot of time ahead of me. A lot of time to learn from myself, past mistakes and self criticism. Thats how I look at it anyway.
Sir Maxerpopple
14! You better get yourself together! You are a regular old man, at 14 you should have written an anthology by now!

Only joking, skills take time, let them flourish.
Silver Star Angel of Da Towers
You are an excellent writer! laugh.gif
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