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Dreams On Hiatus
Okay! Those of you who love poetry, whether it be dark and sad, or light and funny, you can enter this contest.


All you have to do is write a poem. It can be any kind and any length, any style.

The more creative you are the more chance you have at winning!

Also, it has to flow and it shouldn't sound choppy and if there is rhyming (you don't have to have rhyming, though) it shouldn't sound forced.

If you have any questions, IM me. Or PM me. Whichever.
(aim sn: Dreams On Hiatus)

(and you can be a co-judge if you want to help with judging. First come first serve. So send me a message right away. I am looking for up to 3 co-judges, dependning on the amount of entries.)

Alright, so start writing!


Oh, and here is an important rule:

- No rude comments on other people's poems, no matter how dumb they may sound.
Dreams On Hiatus
And because I am dumb, I forgot to mention about winning and other stuff.

First -

I will NOT steal your work, and I have no intention of copying it. So you don't have to worry about that. Ok?

And winning:

1st place: you will be crowned 'Head of Snaffleburger Corporation'
2nd place: You will be dubbed 'King or Queen of the Bunnies'
3rd place: You will be named 'Fluffykins'
and, because I am nice,
4th place: you will be the 'Evil Pixie'

Dreams On Hiatus

Two co-judges so far

1. spiffilicious05
2. sjbbandgeek

One spot left!
Wonderful idea. I'll get to work on something *looks around for inspiration*
Dreams On Hiatus

Music usually helps inspire me, if that's any help to you.
QUOTE (Dreams On Hiatus @ Jan 5 2004, 07:29 PM)

Music usually helps inspire me, if that's any help to you.

Thanks but blink.gif *stares at a picture at the wall* umm i get it from anything unsure.gif
Dreams On Hiatus
QUOTE (EvilSpoon @ Jan 6 2004, 12:44 AM)
QUOTE (Dreams On Hiatus @ Jan 5 2004, 07:29 PM)

Music usually helps inspire me, if that's any help to you.

Thanks but blink.gif *stares at a picture at the wall* umm i get it from anything unsure.gif

The Fountain

The children play in the street around that fountain.
The same old fountain their parents had known.
All one happy family, sharing memories,
but now its not so true, years change things.
As they grow older and as the seasons turn
The new word they learn is hate,
but always there are memories of a time
The time when things weren't so hard. When life was good.
Their faces filled with joy around that fountain.
So much love, when hate was unknown
Their world was a happy one then.
And nowadays, once in a while they dream
Everybody does, we wish to go back to our fountain.
Where our lives weren't so hard, we were happy once.
And our faces would glow with joy to be there
Around everybody we now hate. Who were we to know
Someday we can go back to our fountain
To be happy again..

-Andy Hillier

I was listening to a clip of an old song for this one. Instrumental. I closed my eyes and I saw a fountain with children playing around it, and the scene changed. The fountain was dry, leaves were everywhere, and there was no longer the light. The light of love and joy. How the years brought so much change, but then a man stood there and everything was back how it was, but he was still dark and grey. He was dreaming of when he was happy. He was me. The fountain is just symbolism here.

Dreaming of a time when I was happy.
Come on 3rd place... Okay, here's mine

The Old Man

Walking along on my jolly jaunt,
Carrying arms full of pudding,
I came upon an old man who seemed distraught,
And possibly brooding.
"What be wrong moldy oldy man?" said I.
He responded to me, in accent, French, like the fry,
"Ah like feesh. Feesh are gewd"
"I have no fish," said I to this old man who is so rude,
"But, I do have some Reese's Pieces."
In turn, he said, "Give me the pudding."
Begrudgingly, I did so, and he ate the lot.
But, then, he suddenly dissapeared, leaving not even a drop.
"Damn old man," said I,
"Stole my pudding."
Then I left brooding.


Note: In this poem brooding is meant to be pronounce bruhdding.
A song from the desk

It’s one in the morning
And no one is talkin’
And I just don’t know what to do.

And I was thinkin’ of writin’
But there’s no point fightin’
And I’ve drunk to much coffee and gin to go to bed.

All my friends are with wimen
Or they’re all sittin’
Around doing nothing at all

I wanted to be speedin’
But all my friends are bleedin’
I just hope it ain’t all my fault.

I ain’t got a girly
So I’ll get real curly
Readin’ books down on the floor

And people are askin’
About my style of lastin’
Friday nights and into the morn

I just say I’m busy
‘Cos I’m pretty nippy
From drugs that I just can’t find

I’m listenin’ to Dylan
And I’m pretty willin’
To fade away and not make a sound

I should be thankin’
But instead I’m just wankin’
The night away to my self

Perhaps I should find a lady
And have me a baby
But that wouldn’t be much fun at all

I knew I was losin’
When I started boozin’
I don’t even like alcohol

And I got a number
But I didn’t call her
I didn’t realize that’s what she wants

Perhaps I’m just dreamin’
Tomorrow I’m leavin’
Get some crystal and smoke these blues

And things will get better
But I’m under the weather
Right now and that’s what counts

And I’m guessing it’s petty
But I’m thinking it’s heavy
To be beaten at your own game

And I shouldn’t mind
But I can’t keep it all the time
When it’s one A.M. and I’m all alone

And honey I left ya
But it wasn’t better
Fillin’ holes by diggin’ up more

And that girl I was eatin’
Gave my mind a beatin’
I just didn’t know where the hell I stood

But that doesn’t matter
‘Cos my mind feels like batter
It’s one A.M. and I’ve got the blues

1:45 am 20th of June 2003
the scary thing about your poem Juice... is it was writen on my birthday.. at the time i was born unsure.gif

i might enter.... im searching for inspiration
That is a rather unsettling coincidence.... huh.gif
Good idea... I give you two, you can take your pick...
The first one is more prose.. the second is standard couplet.

Microwave Society
we live in a freeze dried society
shrink wrapped for your convenience
your fears, wants and needs all come in the tasteless variety
social conciseness? Just add water!
political commentary prepackaged at your local yuppie deli
right wing Christian morals on sale for 50% off!
modern media cans and preserves the combat theater of the real
surround sound of the privileged
mono for the oppressed
dolby digital for the leaders
faded news print for the dissidents
capitalism two for a dollar
fundamentalism free with the opening of a checking account
democracy with 50% less sodium
FREE SPEACH! *some restrictions may apply*

Writers Block and The Muse
the poetic verse eludes me
the words vast as a sea
uncomfortable in there placement
twisting into there own arrangement
stares tangle from the emotion
watching the sun from beneath the ocean
complete in my diatribe
convinced of the truth behinds Juliet's suicide
amid a groan and a breath you are here
set to take the tirade and make it clear
palms flat against your skin
pushing as you pull me in
music running through my head
notes and lyrics fled
explaining this feeling they provoke
twirls of fabric twists itself like smoke
parting your lips with a moan
unable to inhale for a instant, thrown
trapped in your gaze
rampant and transfixed by the sound of you ablaze
whispering your secret in my ear
your head rolling in my hands
itís the tremble of resurrection from my cerebral death
lips drag over skin leaving my breath
it lingers over your flesh
wanting and needing more than I have
with a kiss we say goodnight
and I go home to write
There once was a man named Joe.
He had a rather hairy toe.
He tried to shave off the hair.
That didn't work so he used Nair.
Now he just sits at greenlights and yells, "GO!"
Dreams On Hiatus
Okay I'll wait three more days and then I'll close this contest and start the judging.

Good luck everyone! cool.gif wink.gif laugh.gif
Silver Star Angel of Da Towers
Raps count, right?
Weary Traveler
okay then.. one of my older ones.. still pretty good.. could be better but I'm to lazy to write a new one right now..


Twirling, spinning, dancing
Through the crowd I move
Through the empty places
Through the darkness
Through the waste
Always moving, never stopping
Sometimes a brief touch
A passing glance
But nothing more
I'm invisible, I'm untouchable
One moving against the flow
One seeing them move like cattle
One wanting to be whole
One dancing alone
One always
One forever
Sir Maxerpopple
Can I judge?
Dreams On Hiatus
QUOTE (Silver Star Angel of Da Towers @ Jan 8 2004, 11:42 PM)
Raps count, right?

sure, why not. biggrin.gif
Dreams On Hiatus
QUOTE (Sir Maxerpopple @ Jan 9 2004, 02:02 AM)
Can I judge?

You can co-judge if you want to.
ok i got my poem now.

I was blinded by the darkness
I struggled just to breath
The pain of being lost was unbearable

Then you found me
And brought the light to my eyes
But breathing was still difficult
Because you took my breath away

its short.. but oh well.
Dreams On Hiatus
Ok I am going to start the judging. Any poems posted after this will not count, but if you REALLY REALLY feel you just have to enter, then PM me and I'll think about it.

As for the co-judging update:

1. spiffilicious05
2. sjbbandgeek
3. Sir Maxerpopple

All co-judging positions are now filled. Thank you for participating.

biggrin.gif And good luck everyone!
Dreams On Hiatus
blink.gif I just noticed something...

All of the co-judges' usernames start with 's'....

Sir Maxerpopple
It's a conspiracy.
it's not after closing tongue.gif

this one's more prose but i figure DOH said ok to rap so what the f***smile.gif

whoa, dreamsonhiatus=DOH...i like simpsons, *high 5*


When I think about it and try to remember, I can still feel the scratching in the back of my throat from my own FREE FUCKING WILL. My own fingers bringing this upon me. Then burning in my throat and the smell. The odor of...

...I think Iím going to die...

acid, the feeeeel of acid dripping off of my lips. Lips that had been, just a short time before, happily brushing his. Then the bottle, then his lips, the bottle, his lips, the glass, his glass, might as well finish the bottle now...

...I think Iím going to die...

my eyes started to blur out the room, that memory now erased. All that comes to mind is the white porcelain with revolting streaks of yellow meshed with the cries from the others. And now I know that in there somewhere were cries coming from myself...

...I think Iím going to die...

Tears mix with the bile and he tries half-heartedly to comfort me. Cracks a weak joke. Pitying him, I laugh, but am cut short as more volatile fluid empties from within me. My stomach now burns, my whole body shakes, giving up, I slump onto the side of the tub. The tub filled with what used to be in my stomach, what used to be in the bottle.

I thought I was going to die. All thatís left are the memories, no real physical harm done. But he smells now of acid, not that gentle mix of cologne and smoke. And I have paid my dues, learnt my lesson. Next time I think Iím going to die, it will be for good reason, I will breath my last breath, not down more drink.

Tracing Tears

I hate the taste of tears.
I hate the way they streaming from my eyes,
glossing over the chocolate brown spheres,
dissolving my world into a
blurry haze
Saltiness of
fills my mouth, making me sick.
I hate the half-reasons those tears are here.
Pitiful excuses for me to taste
that awful saline symbol
of all that angers me.
I hate that the tears creep behind me,
stalking wherever I go.
Always spilling from the corners of my eyes
when least expected.
Why can tears come
and go
with the slightest provocation
yet for eternity can threaten the joyous faces of all?

in Tracing Tears, "blurry haze...lips" is supposed to be all spaced out wierd going down the page like tears move down your face, all zigzagg-ey...but it's not coming out like that in here dry.gif
Oh oh oh! Its not closed yet.... well. Depending what time you guys are on.... uhh, yeah. My poem. This is the first time I've ever posted on these forums.... so, yeah. I'm 13, my name is Kat. And I wrote this as an imagry poem once, I never thought it would come out so good


I open my eyes
Waking from the blackness
And I see a rose
Blood red in color
Bright and beautiful against my pale white hands
I hold it as if it will fall apart at the slightest of winds
I look up at my surroundings,
A forest.
Dark, mysterious,
And I take a step,
And a pain fills me, like emptiness
And I look back down,
at the rose,
at my hands,
all I see is petals and thorns,
the thorns piercing into my delicate skin,
the petals, no longer petals of silk,
but now petals of blood.
The roseÖ.
I realize, is not a rose
Itís a heart,
The thorns are evil
They kill,
Stealing soul, stealing life
And it lured me with its beauty,
Took me from my safe worldÖ.
Without realizing it, I gave my life
And I wither down in agony,
Dieing for beauty, dieing for a heart.

Yea, well. I hope you like it.
Looks like mine isn't going to be judged anyway.... ah well. Read it anyway.
Dreams On Hiatus
Ok the contest is now closed. Thank you all who entered. I will be able to post the results once sjbbandgeek and spiffeh give me their results/opinions/vote/...


Good luck!



*snickers* that's kind of funny...DOH....okay I'll stop now...
Dreams On Hiatus
QUOTE (Sir Maxerpopple @ Jan 11 2004, 04:19 PM)
It's a conspiracy.

*twilight zone theme music commences*

blink.gif ph34r.gif

lol it is a funny coincidence though...
Dreams On Hiatus
QUOTE (killersquirrel @ Jan 11 2004, 04:40 PM)
whoa, dreamsonhiatus=DOH...i like simpsons, *high 5*

haha yeah... tongue.gif

So now I am going to be called....DOH. blink.gif sleep.gif laugh.gif
yaaaay tongue.gif

(for mini-spam unsure.gif )
Dreams On Hiatus
Okay I will wait one more day for the other co-judge results, and then I will post the final results whether or not the other co-judges have judged.
Dreams On Hiatus

Now for what you've all been waiting for!

Place number four goes to....Fluffy! Congrats, Fluffy, you are now the Evil Pixie!

Place number three goes to....Juiceisgood! Bravo, you are now Fluffykins!

Place number two goes toooo.....EvilSpoon!! Great job, you are now King of the Bunnies!!

::drum roll::

Place number one does toooo.....Ravein!!! Congrats, Ravein! You are the Head of the Mr. Snaffleburger Corporation!!!

now go put your new titles in your siggies. biggrin.gif tongue.gif

Great job everyone. Everyone who entered did a great job. It was a tough decision. Thank you for participating!!!!!!! laugh.gif
Damn I wanted to be the evil pixie! laugh.gif

I suppose king of bunnies is just as good! smile.gif Yay!
Dreams On Hiatus
QUOTE (EvilSpoon @ Jan 14 2004, 07:45 PM)
Damn I wanted to be the evil pixie! laugh.gif

I suppose king of bunnies is just as good! smile.gif Yay!

Haha! laugh.gif Oh well, good job though! biggrin.gif
Sir Maxerpopple
Good contest, perhaps another in a few months?
Dreams On Hiatus
QUOTE (Sir Maxerpopple @ Jan 14 2004, 08:48 PM)
Good contest, perhaps another in a few months?

Yes, definately. biggrin.gif cool.gif
I am the Fluffykins!

Thanks DOH for running the contest, ya did a great job, and also to the judges *sucks up for the next one*

Sir Maxerpopple
That won't work Juice, sorry!

I hope future judges out there will not be attracted by e-bribes laugh.gif
Yes, E-corruption is a very serious problem, I am, of course, in fact an undercover member of the Matazone Special Services.

Some random forumite: So you're a nark?

Er... um... excuse me.

Place number one does toooo.....Ravein!!! Congrats, Ravein! You are the Head of the Mr. Snaffleburger Corporation!!!

*takes Mr. Snaffleburger crown proudly*
I would like to thank, my mother.... my father.... karismaklysm for being my muse... but most of all I want to thank god....wait... I'm agnostic... crap..that wont work... I would like to thank mother nature... yeah... her... and the captain crunch guy... and P Diddy... yep... oh yeah and Mata... I would have no place to type if it wasn't for him... and oh yeah.. my homies at the RPA
*get off stage music starts playing*
*does happy dance*

Ok i have ever only written on poem (10 years ago). And this is it.


Why did we meet
Why did we love
Why did we grow apart
Why did my life life collapse
Why did my spirit die
Why do i cry
Why can't i sleep
Why can't i eat
Why is it only you can answer the WHYS?.

Edit lol comp is over smile.gif
*claps all crazy-like*

get it, baby! you da woman!
big ups, sistah! biggrin.gif laugh.gif smile.gif blink.gif dry.gif sad.gif

*realizes she's making a scene*
*sits down quietly*
Dreams On Hiatus
biggrin.gif This was fun.

You're welcome Juice, but sucking up won't work on me either laugh.gif

There will be another contest some time in the near future, Space, and you can enter that one wink.gif cuz you're a little late on this one laugh.gif

Lol yay! Ravein put her title in her siggy! I am going to check and see who else put their titles in their siggies.

Whee! that was fun. happy.gif
I want to but my tag is already a little over the limit as it is sad.gif

Maybe I could somehow incorporate it into my tag...

*forms cunning plan*

And the sucking up was a joke, although if it works for any of you judges, gimme a PM

*remembers to add smilies*

laugh.gif biggrin.gif tongue.gif etc. wink.gif
Dreams On Hiatus
lol tongue.gif biggrin.gif
sad.gif I didn't place. Oh well it wasn't a good poem anyway.
QUOTE (Dreams On Hiatus @ Jan 15 2004, 05:58 PM)
There will be another contest some time in the near future, Space, and you can enter that one wink.gif cuz you're a little late on this one laugh.gif

Ummm that was it my only ever poem (yeh it sucked but she dumped me and i was in my twenties). blink.gif
Dreams On Hiatus
QUOTE (Alaric @ Jan 15 2004, 05:18 PM)
sad.gif I didn't place. Oh well it wasn't a good poem anyway.

Hey good try though. There's always next time. smile.gif
Dreams On Hiatus
QUOTE (Spacehappy @ Jan 15 2004, 07:38 PM)
QUOTE (Dreams On Hiatus @ Jan 15 2004, 05:58 PM)
There will be another contest some time in the near future, Space, and you can enter that one  wink.gif  cuz you're a little late on this one  laugh.gif

Ummm that was it my only ever poem (yeh it sucked but she dumped me and i was in my twenties). blink.gif

Hey you can repost it in the next contest if you want to though.
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