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Dreams On Hiatus
What inspires you if you chose other?
Everything and anything, including this blink.gif
To write...? huh.gif Well, I suppose that would be everything, but I particularly like nature / music / emotions and such. Relationships between different things. Like how things interact. M-hm. My two cents..
Usurper MrTeapot
Nature and people. I write stories (short and long) rather than poetry, but do write poems when I feel a need to get emotions out.

I can sit in a park or somewhere high with a view and scribble in my notepad for hours. Many random ideas that come to my head as I sit and think. Music doesn't help as I tend to sing along laugh.gif and with movies I would end up stealing their ideas. The best part is when you suddenly have an idea for a character name or place location, which to me is the worst part of writing.

I wrote a massive epic from an idea I got standing at a bus stop, shows how bad the bus services are where I live.

Look at me rambling...I think I'll dig out a story and post it to see what you people think.
if i'm stuck, i listen to ani difranco for a little while, and then the ideas just start rockin... her word pictures are so amazing, they crawl into my head and make a new home....

but in general being betrayed by a lover is my biggest source of inspiration.
its terrible that i've written as many songs as i have about this very subject... grrr..
Dreams On Hiatus
I usually find inspiration from sad things. Deep sorrow is inspiring to me. But so is love. Nature is what inspires me the most, though.
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