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I noticed there's been a lot of announcement threads running about lately, with all the people around here discovering the wonderfulness that is

I also noticed that there's no central location for people to make such announcements anywhere on the forum. This causes a few problems: first, there's a new thread for every individual site, and second, these announcements disappear off the main page very quickly, and as such, are lost without most people getting the opportunity to visit that particular site and appreciate the personal work of that forumite.

To rectify this, here is the new Personal Site Announcement Thread.

Announcements that belong here include (but are not limited to): personal websites, weblogs, clubs/associations/cults, forums, and chat rooms. The usual rules of pre-warning people about graphic or explicit content on your site when you link it from this forum still apply.

This thread is not intended for sites meant to be associated with Matazone or the Matazone Forums as a whole (an example of which being the Unofficial Fansite or the Family Albums). Those sorts of sites usually involve several forum members, and as such, normally will have pinned threads of their own.

If you have a personal site that fits the above description, I would invite you to post a link below, even if you have announced it before in a previous thread, so that there can be a central directory of such sites for the entire forum community. I believe this system will be beneficial to the forum as a whole.

Thanks for your cooperation,

Ha ha! Missy you're a genius!

[ I know I am, but is it worth placing a post in a topic-specific thread about it? wink.gif MissyA ]
Oni Usagi
To tell you the truth, I'm doing this to so I can be the first person to use Missy's new thread correctly. But enough about me.

I have a website, only a few people have been there. Right now it's pretty bad, I'll be the first to admit it. But, I hope to make it better, what I need is, content, I have no idea what I should have on there. I'm taking html so I'll be working on it for a while, hopefullly incorporating things I learn in class to the page.
The address is or you can click on my tag.

Oh yeah. Forum works (it's really bad though), the chatroom isn't registered (I don't really think I need one but if somebody wants me to I will) And the guestbook works. Also I'm working on getting a decent amount of avatars to put up.

Thank you very much, have a nice day.
I know I plug this one to death, but I wanna say this again so everyone can see it wi'out the monster thread!

Go visit The League of ISH website!

The other doodads I do all link off the main site, but jus so ya know, I have a subsite about how much We Love LoLo. It's not been updated in a while, mind...

And JOIN UP!!!! biggrin.gif

Oh, if I spot links on here fer League members, I'll update yer member profile on me site to include yer page. Oni, I think yours'll be first.
jackskellington and my forum thingys.... um.... yeah.... hi!

this is my forum thingys that my friend made. now we share them. it was recently hacked, which sucks because now im stuck cleaning it out... its only been around for a week, so we still need members. hey, just because jackskellington stated a dissaproved of thread, dont hold a grudge, please? thanks...

kelly j.
You all know about it, because I whore it over the Internet like so many young hairless Latino boys, but nevertheless I must reinforce the wonder that is

Urban Freakshow

And it's not just my site. Oh no. It's your site too. You too can contribute! Click "Submission Guidelines" on the left to find out what we're looking for and how to send it in.

Edit: While there's certainly no pornography, some of the literature gets sexually explicit. So if you're a wee kiddie, don't tell your parents you went there.

Edit again: Just talking to Xander, and OH MY GOD WE HAVE URBAN FREAKSHOW STICKERS! Soon as Aidan Antagony sends them to me, I'll show you some pics. Official cool is that?



bizzare ppl in my profile

[link please? -MissyA]
Hey, I have a fiction site! I'm writing a story. . . .anyhoo. it's
and like. . . . Yeah.
Yeah, ok. The Friendly Fire Forums. But it's not my forum, it's The People's forum. So go join and then post or really bad stuff will happen to you in the not so immediate but still close enough to the present to make it worth worrying future. Ahem...

Yeah, now I look that link is in my sig along with some others. Clickety click click smile.gif
Heh, I know that I have a post only one above this one, but just so you know. . .
I'm writing a second story, titled "The Burning" at
AND I now accept unsigned reviews, so you guys can review the stories at by clicking the "submit review" button in the bottom left hand corner of the story page. If you review, I'll totally give you cookies. happy.gif
Sarah the Spider
My blog! It is linked in my signature! *points enthusiastically*

If you signed my blog's guestbook, I would really appreciate it. happy.gif Thank you so much!


Sam W. Clancy, the Disgruntled Pirate
My beloved Urban Freakshow now has a forum! Go join! Everybody go join!
Just registered, when is it actually going to have anything in it?
Soon, Alan dear, soon...
Joined up commie smile.gif
My Blog in case anyone wants to be scared...
i just would like to say that this is my 1000th post, and no one is here to celebrate. dry.gif *but its not going to stop my little victory dance!! biggrin.gif
Oni Usagi
Notice of change of address.
Because webpost isn't good enough for me anymore. No frames, and those ads, that they add onto every page.
The new site, for anyone who cares, is

For all your Elven needs wink.gif

I'd post my blog, but it's friends-only and you need a deadjournal account =/ if you have one, though, feel free to add me at ! happy.gif;
Using my spiffy-ASS new HTML scripting knowledge, I will now create the biggest, bestest and most bootylicious RPG IN THE HISTORY OF THE KNOWN WORLD!!!
*clears throat*
If anyone is interested in joining, drop me a line at and when I finish scripting, I'll mail you an uber-spiffy invitation to my wonderful RPG!!
(some gay included)
Prince Aries
Aries has made some forums! They are the brain child of me and Dayan's, so things could get slightly interesting. Right now it's just another "random person makes forum" type thing, but they will soon serve a much larger purpose. Eventually I'll be using these forums as a place to promote and discuss my work and the work of my collaborators. But for the time being, it's mostly just mindless forum fun! I'd also like to introduce my two Mod's (they have both agreed to the job!) Syuu and Debaser. Nothing like taking your friends with you! happy.gif

Anyway, linkage.

Aries and Dayan Variety Show

Anyway. I've written several new stories ( and more chapters to the old ones) at MY ORIGINAL STORIES PAGE including a new chapter of The Underground (complete with special fluffly gayboy Shine) and I'm working on the rest as you read!
And yes, all the stories but Borg are slashy. Complete with fluffly gayboys.
Especially Phyre and Shine, they is great.
Please review!!!

Also - I'm compiling a list of Approved Members for the Citrus RPG. Commie, you're on there, and will be recieving an invite. So will you, Aries. Anyone else wants one, please speak up and/or PM/e-mail me!! happy.gif

Check it out. You're all invited to join - BUT you may NOT play the RPG until I get the RPG web site up (unless e-mailed and told otherwise happy.gif)
Please join, I've got some loverly things there.
I would just like to draw a certain amount of attention to the fact that



Prince Aries
I wonder if Commie's site, Urban Freakshow, is ever going to come back up? Top site, that it was. *sighs* Guess we'll never know.......laugh.gif
The Urban Freakshow forums are back up (and better than ever)! Some idiot deleted them before... *looks around*
Well I have a blog and a pictures page now on WeeJ's web side (kindly donate by WeeJ and her bloke Drarok! biggrin.gif)

I don't know whether J has already mentioned this but I don't have time to trawl through the posts so I apologise if she has wink.gif

My blog is (assuming I remember I have it and actually find out how to use it rolleyes.gif)

Pixiegoth's Blog

and my pictures are

Pixiegoth's Album

Enjoy people biggrin.gif
Weary Traveler
yeah so me and a friend set up a forum and it would be great if some of you could join since we're new and hurting for members. please? *makes puppy dog eyes* I'll give you a treat of your choice from my vast collection. heres the linky

Nordic Wisdom

thank you thank you!
I'd just like to say - the Citrus RPG has a buttload of new avatars available. Check it out - maybe Sean will find one he LIKES now. XP
my blog. to be updated this weekend, hopefully
PLEASE visit my site

email me stuff to add to the Debs page

this ones for you!
Ok... I have two site that I want to give you guys. The first is is my fantasy slave site on avidgamers. Its still underconstruction a little, but you can very well sign up and start posting whenever you like.

Cursed Moons

The other one is the fanfic I'm writing. Its really cool and I need people to leave reviews. Theres only one chapter up but I already have the next one going and will be up soon. It an Underworld aftermath fic, because Underworld is just SSOOOO cool.

After the Battle

megally funny anims!!! laugh.gif
hrm.....I used to have an online journal once upon a time. Now I started a blog because....uhhhhhhhh.....because I like sharing every detail of my day with random strangers, I guess! but anyway...

Blog of the Ratt

Linkie-linkerson. tongue.gif

Betterness will be it soon.
Last Urban Freakshow Update This Year
QUOTE (Rattgirl @ Dec 20 2003, 09:23 AM)
hrm.....I used to have an online journal once upon a time. Now I started a blog because....uhhhhhhhh.....because I like sharing every detail of my day with random strangers, I guess! but anyway...

Blog of the Ratt

speaking of blogs, we have a blogring.

Xanga Matazone Forumite Blogring

There's ten or eleven of us so far, we'd be glad to have you join us!
QUOTE (MistressAlti @ Dec 20 2003, 08:10 PM)
speaking of blogs, we have a blogring.

Xanga Matazone Forumite Blogring

There's ten or eleven of us so far, we'd be glad to have you join us!

Hmmm...maybe there should be an LJ community...
Sarah the Spider
I got a new blog on LiveJournal. You can find me as magenta_faerie. happy.gif
Here's a shameless board pimp for you.

Recall elf's HP board? It went down, so we made another to bide our time:

Pleasssssssse join. It's a good rp with a family feel, and very open minded for pairings of every sexuality. RP ranges from a few sentances to paragraphs, and I'm teh admin. ^^

Which means I can do nice things for you.

You like nice things.
Ok....I was gonna post announcement of my blog on here, until I realized I'd already done that once.

So instead, I'll just satisfy my unusual urge to be pushy and annoying and say:


Click here if you don't want me to be sad!!! sad.gif
Silver Star Angel of Da Towers
Bored? Then go to the Dark Side of The Moon and get a taste of my life! lol

new address from the old one. same stuff, same good ol' dramatic rpg. You want.
cheese is funny
old blog died.

new blog is shiney!
Guess what?

Friendly Fire V3 is here!!!! ohmy.gif ohmy.gif ohmy.gif ohmy.gif

Yeah, so I just popped back here to advertise, get over it you sentimental fools! tongue.gif
Dreams On Hiatus
If you really want to have a debate, go to The All Philosphy Bulletin!

You can debate many numbers of things and signing up is free. It's a lot of fun.

Just a suggestion. biggrin.gif
There's a thread for announcing sites in Daft, so we don't get a million like this.

Ta da! Clickety.

Just so you know for next time. smile.gif
Dreams On Hiatus
QUOTE (candice @ Jan 6 2004, 01:28 AM)
There's a thread for announcing sites in Daft, so we don't get a million like this.

Ta da! Clickety.

Just so you know for next time. smile.gif

ok thank you. *feels dumb* well at least now I know. unsure.gif smile.gif
Moved to Personal website Announcements in Daft smile.gif
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