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Full Version: A Poem
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I wrote a poem today. Here it is.

"One Out Of Dozens"

my name is wankster angster
my mother must've hated me
cause can't you see
my name makes me
all night long my
tears of blackness
and pain fall down
around me
because no one loves me
because my daddy
grounded me
as a kid.
i write but no one understands
the true me
the voices just won't go away
last night
i ran away
but came back
cause it was cold outside
and then i cried
i could have died.
why is everyone laughing
at me?

That was so deep.. so expressionful. You're really an inspiration to all of us.. wow..
Beautiful, truly beautiful. /me whipes a tear from her eye.
Prince Aries
Aries [EXPLETIVE DELETED] three times during the course of reading this.
Silver Star Angel of Da Towers
Deeeeeeeeeeeeeep.. i wub.gif it!
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