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Full Version: My Rap
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Silver Star Angel of Da Towers
Here it is... Second Family!

Word... I wanna hear yall, shoutout! HOLLA!

Yo can't ya see this is the place for me,
Real good friends like my second family.
You know if I'm mad or down,
My forum pplz gonna turn it around.

When I'm rejected by my so-called friends,
Yall gonna come and tie the loose ends.
I got somethin to live for now,
just look around da boards, it'll show you how.

Yo, wanna hear yall, shoutout!!

So many so close can't list em all,
I'd make a list oh so tall
Go so far,
But I'm sure yall know who you are.

Yeah, I'm a dreamer, a lover
But truly there ain't no other...
Cuz Matazone is da place to be,
Cuz yall know yall my second family!!

Yo, wanna hear yall, shoutout!! (repeat till fade)

I hope you all like it... biggrin.gif
That's awesome. Truly a rap song I would like (not easy, I like songs that mean stuff (like this one), so most of the rap that I've heard of I didn't like (50 Cent is popular around here... bleh), there's some rap I like though). So, yeah, congratulations on humbling the rap skeptic. biggrin.gif
I usually say you can't spell cRAP without RAP.. tongue.gif
Dreams On Hiatus
QUOTE (EvilSpoon @ Jan 8 2004, 03:25 AM)
I usually say you can't spell cRAP without RAP.. tongue.gif

HAHA! I usually say that too!

But, I think we can make an exception here. wink.gif laugh.gif
Sir Maxerpopple
A bit short, n'est pas?
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