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Full Version: Help With A Song
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I'm writing a song. It's mainly an instrumental, but it has some words to it, specifically random words that describe me and I'd like to get some more nouns/adjectives that describe me along the lines of the following (which are alphabatized to prevent repeats):

Abusive, aggressive, aggrevating, asshole, bad, brash, broken, cold-hearted, cruel, curse, depressing, dirty, disgusting, disrespectful, egocentric, egotistical, empty, failure, horrible, hurtful, hypocrite, idiot, imbocile, inconsiderate, insensitive, insulting, intrusive, irresponsible, jackass, jinx, loser, maggot, no-good, nothing, offensive, pathetic, presumptuous, screw-up, scum of the Earth, shameful, sickening, simpleton, sinner, stupid, tactless, two-faced, uncaring, untrustworthy, waste, worthless.

That's all I could come up with. If you have anymore, it'll be helpful. The song'll be titled either "What the Hell Am I?" or "What the Hell I Am" though I'm not sure which.

Just a guess. But. You could probably use a thesaurus and take care of it that way.
Is this your attempt at apologizing for what happened in Yahoo?

Not going to work. At least not for me. Can't speak for the others, but my instincts say it's probably the same with them.

Self-absorbed comes to mind. The insensitive one is the best though. Don't lose that. I also like what Missy wrote. Oh, and tactless is a real gem too. Keep that one in there, by all means.

(Side note: If anyone mentions anything about a truce, I'll scream. Righteous mentioned before that he appreciates that's what I'm giving him. I don't intend to get into a flame war with him, so don't worry about that).
Clearly, I'm not priviledged enough to know what this is all about, but I'm taking a guess that something happened in an unrelated chat room which sparked this off.

Ri, I suggest the word moron. Please stop doing this, there's only so far that self-deprecation can be considered charming. If this is an apology for something, then may I suggest that you try to engage your brain before you use your keyboard in future.

Missy, Candice - I don't know what occurred and frankly I'm not interested. I don't understand why you keep rising to this. I expect better than this from you. You can colour me displeased with you both!

I'm not suggesting a truce, I don't want you all to kiss and make up. I just want you all to behave.

I'm closing this thread, because I have neither the time, patience, energy or desire to keep an eye on it, and I don't expect my moddy colleagues to do so either.
Apologies for my misbehaviour.
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