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Dunno if you've seen this

third article down. The Godfather of Goff approves, Hurrah!

I'm still waiitng to get proper Uk order info from shocklines though.

Toodle pip.

Aww cheers for that RJ, I didn't know Mata had done illustrations in "book" form biggrin.gif
Heh, Mick Mercer, I put my hand up and admit I own the Gothic Rock Black Book...*hangs head in shame* I was only 15 when I bought it..... unsure.gif
Never did like Mercer, but I'm interested in these books of yours, RJ good sir.
I'll be doing some sort of Uk based mass order once all four are out, they'll come to me I'll sign them and pass them on, just in case I ever make it.

or you can sign up to this thing and hope I work out how to use it properly.

Or add yourself as a friend to my LJ or query "shocklines" direct. I'll post it up here when I do the order anyway.

Thanks for the interest. smile.gif

I've got the Gioth book somewhere too, or did have. smile.gif

Yes I have seen that, I sent him an email thanking him for the nice review. Apparently he seems to already know who I am by the looks of things. It's weird being 'known'.

RJ, make sure you let me know when the site has got some reasonable system of shipping to the UK sorted and I'll put an ad up on my site for the books. How's the next one coming along?
How's the next one coming along?


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