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Full Version: A Question About Rules
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Hello all. I have a short story... hell, I have alot of short stories and little tidbits I'd like to share here, but most of them grossly violate the rules of this forum about swearing, and there is some pretty graphic scenes etc.

Well, I was wondering, are all these rules waived in the creations forum in the interests of artistic purity (free speech, freedom from cencorship etc) or do I have to **** everything that might breach the rules? I don't know, I'd happily put a warning in the title and description, but is that enough to get buy without a strike, or at least a harsh word and some quick editing? Because the last thing I want to do is make a poor mod edit a whole story for bad language, because it would take all day, on the other hand I don't pretend that what I have contains mild course language, it's pretty bad ohmy.gif so yeah, what's the score on this issue?

I would say put a warning on it and you can leave it in, but let me check and make sure.
Yep, Lo's pretty much spot on here, but to clarify further there are two guidelines for this,

1) If it's not artistically justifiable then don't swear. That's a guideline for good writing as well as posting in this bit of the forums, but it's the most important part. I've always suggested to the mods that we turn a blind eye to times when swearing is actually the most direct way of expressing oneself, for example, if a person is writing about just having been hit by an abusive parent I'm not about to argue if they want to call them a stupid f**k, I'll be offering support rather than criticising their choice of terminology, example two, if a person has been given detention by their teacher and want to swear about that then it's far less likely to be justified.

So, swearing has to be in context and with reason, in this case the reason can be for artistic purpose/mood etc.

2) Put a warning in the post title somewhere or very prominently in the first line of the post.

Stick to these guides and I'm sure you'll be fine. As always, use common sense and the mods and I won't have a problem with what you're doing!

Thanks for thinking to check, it's so nice that people on here are thoughtful enough to do this!
Thanks guys, I don't know if it fits your guidlines, but I'll send it to LoLo via PM and get the green light before posting here. The fact is, often swearing isn't the best way to express things in these strories, but it's very much in character. Also they are graphic, but that's beside the point, I'll send it off right away.

Thanks again

And if it's ok there will be a very prominant warning, this stuff might well be the corrupting influence that you don't want around (as you said in the Forum Rules).
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