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I write poetry when i feel inspiration, usually fairly swiftly, and generally in one go. This looks like as good a place as any to express myself. Please feel free to tell me what you think.

The depths
And heartless wonders,
Of a tangled spirit,
Screaming out in the night,
Crying for attention,
To be heard,
To be seen,
The pain and anguish,
Plain on the face,
Of the formless presence.
The voice goes unheard,
Unchallenged by the horde
Of phantoms,
And lost souls,
Lost in their own pity,
Alone in their minds,
Unheeding of all else,
Save their own sorrow,
Their own morbidity...
Here's one on a happier note.

The tender caress
Of the afternoon sun,
Passing over the fields,
Bathing nature
In guilded hues,
So brilliantly glowing,
That from the heavens above,
The land appears,
To be saintly,
With its halo,
Of spun golden thread.
Even as the rain falls,
Each droplet
Refracts the irridescant light,
Conjuring for all,
A wondrous sight,
A spectrum of magnitude,
Celebrating the glory,
In its splendrous arch,
For those below,
To bathe in the aura,
Of another English morn...
Brilliant Dak. I think they are fantastic biggrin.gif
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