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Wise Blondie
My mom was raped when she was nineteen by a man who ended up being bailed out of prison several years later by my next door neighbor's mother. (He had been imprisoned for the murder of three people.) Our neighbor's mother and he got married. That put my mother in a difficult situation until last week.

unsure.gif So, here is my poem:

He stole her innocence
her childhood and past
with a kiss
he sealed her mouth as his last
locked in secret
unable to tell
only to dwell
with the remembrance of what he gave

motionless and mute
he was the evil's root
gave unhealing wounds
he poisoned her brother
broke the heart of her mother
stole the life of another

rotten and cold
no heart to behold
he stole innocence and lives

and in peace he died

Thanks for reading.

Silver Star Angel of Da Towers
i like it. it's very touching.
... Eliquent and morbid. Interesting...
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