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Full Version: Nonsense Poetry
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The clothing ditty

People with bow ties,
Are invariably twats.
Likewise for those fools,
Who insist on wearing hats.

People who wear shorts,
Even when the weather's nippy.
Get pale knees and ankles,
And end up looking dippy

People who go commando,
Are sexy, brave and brash.
But if they get too sweaty,
They end up with a rash

People who wear bandanas
mustn't have a clue
That a napkin on the head,
Looks like utter poo.

People who wear suits
Look smart and sharp and posh.
Or maybe they want folk to think
That they've got loads of dosh.

People who wear clogs.
Have clearly misunderstood,
That shoes should never ever
Ever ever be made of wood.
blink.gif I fear for your sanity jon.......

QUOTE (saucy_tara @ Jan 13 2004, 01:37 PM)
blink.gif I fear for your sanity jon.......


I want to be a ninja,
In black from head to toe.
Taking graceful steps of stealth,
Unseen, I'll come & go.

Hiding in the shadows,
Invisible to the eye.
Ready to spring into action,
Into the teeth of danger I'll fly.

Like that 'Crouching Tiger',
I'll be running up the walls.
Performing stunning stunts of danger,
That require massive balls.

But as for killing people,
I'd rather that not be done.
Instead, I've got a foam katana:
I'm a Ninja of Fun.

My shuriken are made of rubber;
My blowpipe fires toys.
I'm a stealthy spreader of smiles and laughs,
For gaijin girls and boys

P.S. - think I may have posted this one in the past......still....
Love nonsense poetry.

A Really Bad Poem About Tygers.

Tygers are not cute and furry,
And will make your life topsy-turvy.
if like me,
You invite them for tea.
Then more than likely it's true,
That on the menu is you.
Although you will find,
Tygers do love forced rhyme,
So as long as I keep it up,
I'm completely safe.
Oh shit.

Toad Poem.

Twinkle, twinkle spawning Toad,
how I love to paint the road,
On tarmac white lines I splash,
causing Others' cars to crash.

Frolic in the burning wreckage,
Sweet my toad who loves this breakage.
I'll make you a suite, bespoke,
While you and other people croak.

Twinkle twinkle spawning Toad,
How I love to paint the road.
those with ruined cars forlorn,
See no beauty in toadspawn.

I dare you to compete with the simplicity (and shortness....) of my bubble poem! happy.gif.... I like bubbles.

Once I had a friend,
Who was a bubble.
I made him one day....
He was so round,
So pretty,
And I told him I loved him,
And tried to hold him in my hand,
He popped....
And I cried.

You know you love it
we had to do limericks for english tongue.gif

Bad Advice

There once was a yamma named Gamma
He had a purple mamma
She said eat your chow
He got mad cow
Now quarantined is the yamma

edit: poo, had made the animal have red eyes but not showing up now that it's all little...oh well, imaginate it
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