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I've just made myself a website for my lyrics, and it has no guestbook or anything at the moment, so if anyone wants to see my attempts at lyrics go to

and comment here if you have anything to say on them- good or bad!

the site also includes a few links to good sites- and matazone is one of them!

[Edit: Made the URL a clickable one, so people can get to it more easily. Hope ya don't mind me doin that, Spugs smile.gif - Leo]

^ no its great, thanks leo!
Ive just given my site a guestbook, so if anyone wants to sign it, and reassure me that the people visiting my site aren't just...well, me..just go right ahed!
Silver Star Angel of Da Towers
You..are..a... GENIUS!!! I was looking for a lyrics site too!! Now I can find some good quotey stuff!! laugh.gif
Those lyrics are, for lack of a better word, awesome. Um... can't really think of much more to say about them, but you have great talent.
wow, thanks! that i was not expecting....

smile.gif made my week that has
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