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Dreams On Hiatus
Okay this is the second short story I have ever finished. I was wondering what everyone thought about it.

It's called:

Fluffy's Obsession

There I was, at approximately two in the morning, sitting in my bed of shavings. The room was pitch black; I could see nothing, except for her toes. Ever since I can remember I've had a fascination with toes. No, not a fascination; an obsession. Those evil, smelly, jelly-crusted wriggling appendages; it enraged me to see them! I could feel the blood burn and my paws itched. I knew that tonight I would take hers. All it would take was a little stealth, and a little planning.

I kicked over my trough of disgustingly dry pellets that were supposed to be my dinner. My nose twitched, and I scanned the cage door for the little loose bar. About a few inches from the top of the little door it hung. I jumped up to try and pull it down. To my dismay, I was too short, and considerably heavier than last time. If only I hadn't sneaked all of those bread crumbs! The last cage I broke out of had been easier than this one. I sighed heavily, and hobbled over to the right side of the overturned food trough. Ah ha! If I climbed on top of it, I just might be able to get out. I pushed my head against the trough until I heard a dull, metallic clank. The sound was louder than I had anticipated, and it reverberated in my delicate ears. What if she woke up! Then my plan would be ruined! I just had to get those toes tonight, or I would go through withdrawals in the morning. Oh, I couldn't bear to go through that again...

Now that the trough was against the cage door, and the sound had died off without waking the sleeping victim, I climbed atop with a small grunt. It was hard to lift myself up. My belly got in the way, and I stepped on a roll of flub, trying hard not to let out a screech. I pushed through the broken part of the cage door. At last, I was free to continue with my plan. I landed with a soft patter onto the oak desk on which my cage was located. My beady, dark eyes darted around the room, checking for any signs of her waking. Once I made sure all was sound, I made my way downward. First, I hopped onto the spindly little desk chair. It made a small squeak, and I stopped quickly and watched my victim. She did not stir. I continued across the room The pink fuzz from the floor was getting stuck in my paws. I could not stop to pick it out, for my mind was set on one thing: I had to get those toes -- tonight. It was enough to keep me moving. The bedpost loomed above my head, and I clawed my way up the purse strap. It was quite a haul; I felt like I had a sack of potatoes on my back.

The blankets rose and fell like the rolling hills I had seen while traveling in a car to my new home. My heart thudded much harder now. The closer I got to my destination, the more my little paws itched and ached. Now, for my least favorite part...

I crawled underneath the blankets. She turned her ankle around twice, cracking it. I cringed, but I still crept closer. I could smell them, and hooey boy was the scent strong! But that did not drive me away, it just drove me forward. Before I knew it, there I was, in front of the ugliest toes I had ever seen. Suddenly there was a loud ripping noise, and a stench so strong it made my eyes water. The first and smallest toe was closest to me, and I began my nibbling. The blood ran down my chin, and I nibbled my way through the bone. How my victims never managed to wake up, I don't know, fortunately for me. Soon I had four toes, and I realized that I would only be able to carry back one at a time...

With the last toe between my teeth, I squeezed through the bars and back to my cage. I hid my hoard of toes with the others I had collected over the years...

In the morning, she would wake up, and she would scream. She would only suspect me of the deed, yet she wouldn't know, and she would take me back to the pet store. Then, I would be bought by some other unsuspecting customer, and I would be taken to their home. With a fresh start, and a fresh set of toes, I could continue my collection...


I wanted to write from a hamster's point of view.
Sir Maxerpopple
I saw the title and thought it was about the forumite fluffy.
Dreams On Hiatus
QUOTE (Sir Maxerpopple @ Jan 16 2004, 11:17 PM)
I saw the title and thought it was about the forumite fluffy.

lol I had a feeling people might end up thinking that...

BUT it's about an evil toe-stealing hamster. laugh.gif
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