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Full Version: Help Needed For Counter-cultural Web-mag.
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Ok, firstly, I'm in desperate need of journalists, we're pressed for content and need people to write political articles, but also music, literature, social commentary.

The mag's name is The Continental Riot House Underground, a monthly based magazine working out of The Netherlands and Australia, but with a global focus. Anyone, I mean anyone who can write and has an interest in changing the world through media for the better had best sign up.

Anything would be appriciated. There are no submission guidelines, but this is a serious political magazine and it's going to be run properly. Articles may be edited and turned down. We need content but I'm not willing to compromise readership for it.

Pretty heavy, huh?

But that's the way it is. We can't even offer money at the moment, for articles. I'm sorry, we intend to pay as soon as we can make the magazine pay. And that's a big ask on it's own. So, being the nut that I am, I'm begging anyone who has the time, skill and belief to put pen to paper and submit.

Anyway, even if you can't, would you be willing to read a monthly publication, if it meant that you would have to download a document? Possibly in publisher or Adobe Acrobat. Also, is the feeling shared that the world is heading for some sort of terrible doom at the rate that it's going?

The philosophy is, if we don't say something, no one will. And thus I am asking for help, in anything related to the mag. Advice, articles... ANYTHING.

Thanks, I hope.

My e-mail is

Or reply here.
Messing about with an idea nwo Juice, what's the deadline?

We're looking at a February issue, but it's too close, so Feb 23rd is penciled in as the deadline for all articles, features, columns etc. With a view to have a March issue out by Feb 31st.

We've got a few people working on many ideas, short articles (500- 1000 words), news, features (3000-5000 words), columns (1000 words or by arrangement).

Anything that you have an inside view on, or not. Really we just need good, thought provoking articles.

Good god! It's half past three in the morning and I have to be up by 12 to pick up books. But alas I'm chained to this damn machine until I churn something out....
That's fine, remind me as i forget everything. I've written a grand total of 357 words today. Rubbish.

Thanks RJ, some is better than none. Although you might want to get the topic ok'd incase something similar is already being done. PM me though, we wouldn't want to give anything away now would we? wink.gif
Every single one of my teachers has plotted together and they've all given me large essays due in at approximately the same time, for what nefarious reason I know not. But the next thing I write...well, will go to Urban Freakshow, to be honest. And I've got a gig review to do for Satan's Fish Tank. But the third thing I write, you'll get. Probably.
Sir Psycho Sexy
as much fun as that sounds.....i'm no >_>
It's ok commie, I just got all my books for this year, I've got 15 texts to read in the next two weeks before school starts ohmy.gif
*Hazards a BUMP*

Aww come on! You guys have to have something laying around that you can dust off, update and send in sad.gif

We're now accepting 100-500 word brief articles. So if you've had something gathering dust in your hard drive that you could never get published, well, give it a try. I don't want to beg... don't make me mad.gif

It's not that we are short on content, but I'd like a little diversity as far as contributers go. Hell, I could write the whole thing myself with the amount of words per night I churn out, but that would be no fun, to put together or read.

People are writing stuff here all the time, don't you guys yern to see your writing published? Here's your chance!

Literature is also included in the mag, although we tend to be quite fussy about it, seeing as literature has to be damn good to be printable in magazines. But that shouldn't deter the likes of you! Brilliant, untapped talent...

Surely there's an issue that's been nagging at you from the back of your head that could do with a 100 or so word exorcism? Something that hasn't really been delt with in the mainstream media...

ALSO! Continental Riot House Underground is now recruiting regular columnists, editors, local correspondants etc etc. The pay is non-existant but the glory is unlimited wink.gif
What about double-publication? I'm lazy, you see, and I've an idea for an article that works both for UFr and CRHU...two birds, one stone...
If you can work out the legalities with UFr I think it'd be fine with the editors (Whooo! Big important Juicey rolleyes.gif)... Oh wait, you're on the Team with UFr... well I guess it's alright then smile.gif

Just lemme know the size and rough topic so I can reserve room as soon as you know. And thanks Sean smile.gif
QUOTE (Juiceisgood @ Jan 22 2004, 05:58 PM)
Just lemme know the size and rough topic so I can reserve room as soon as you know. And thanks Sean smile.gif

Topic's secularisation (it'll be UK/US-based), no idea of the length, I'll just rant when I get a few spare hours.
Hey, I'd like to submit something but I don't know...I kind of write better if someone just tells me what they're looking matter how vaguely tongue.gif

Also if you already have a lot of content for your first issue bear me in mind for the next, smile.gif
We have quite a bit of content, but there's plenty of room in this issue if you can make the deadline. Which is mid February or there abouts. So yeah, if you can make the deadline anything would be greatly appriciated, but if not there's alawys the April issue. Which is kind of a strange thought really, because I haven't given April any thought at all yet....

Yeah, as for topics, we've got politics pretty much sorted for March. But we've bearly touched on literature and music articles... if you're any good at that sort of thing and you'd be interested in doing this regularly we could arrange some sort of column or something... But otherwise anything music or literature oriented would really fit in to March. April is, on the other hand, a completely clean slate at the moment, so you'd have completely free reign to make something strange.

This magazine is shaping up to be a bit of a revolutionary sort of thing, if you dig my meaning, so fitting into that sort of general style would be good. But generally this magazine is willing to encourage general strangness in it's article content. I can't put it any other way... Yeah smile.gif

Far out, I just got home and I haven't slept all night, my mind is messed up from hallucinogens and it's hard to express ideas. What does a man in the depths of an LSD binge say to someone on the other side of the world? General Weirdness Is Advised.

And on that note, send ideas, concepts, half built articles you want to discuss, or whole submissions to A pretty cosmic E-mail isn't it? cool.gif And if you have any more questions either post them here or PM me, or send me an e-mail if you want.


I'm willing to contribute. Just tell me what you want written (Although I'm pretty snowed under at the moment, but probably be a hell of a lot more of me to go around after the 13th Feb).

I've also got some old columns, some complete, some half-formed, that I wrote for some TES Newsday competition nearly a year ago, but I'm sure some of them can be updated to relevancy. Stuff along the lines of 'American Hypocrisy for Dummies' and 'The War on Terror or The War of Terror' (working titles tongue.gif)
Sure sure, send it all in. Deadline is the 25th of Feb, but the earlier the better.
Sadly, the only things I can even attempt to write about are pop cans and miracles that come in jars. That doesn't seem to be the type of thing you're looking for. tongue.gif
well, ok, i have some ideas for literature, music, art, that sort of thing but i have my prelims on right now and unfortunately my mother has this thing against me failing this year so dont expect me to have my sh*t together for the march issue. i shall most definitely throw something your way for the april issue, quite possibly literally tongue.gif
Rather than contacting every person who offered to write articles for the mag, I'm posting here to remind everyone. The deadline is Feb 25, and the magazine is already starting to take shape... thank god, I don't really have the time to throw everything together last minute.
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