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Full Version: Soulmates Forever
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As I look into sequine eye's, I am lost in blissful oblivion. Gazing upon her elven features, I am transfixed by her vibrant light. Bathed in this light I question my own worthieness of such intoxicating brilliance. Yet I am still drawn to her by an irresistable force. And once we embrace I am surrounded by and filled with a euphoric sense of sensual passion and rythmic lust. This sense tells me that our embrace is not just the beautiful art of love makeing, but a heavenly union between two angelic soul's. And when the firey passion fades to a peaceful tranquility, we are like the sea reatreating from the shore after a tropical storm. Endlessly entwined in the webs of the world, we have come full circle to compleate one another. For to you I pledge my soul.
Soulmates Forever......
Wow, really well done. Your use of vocabulary helps to paint a vivid picture in the mind for all who read it!

That was truely inspiring! laugh.gif
Silver Star Angel of Da Towers
That is absolutely beautiful... so vibrant!!! *applauds* laugh.gif
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