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Sarah the Spider
I've been so many different people,
worn far too many faces...
I have had many different lives
and been far too many places.
I did it all for you, you know...
So one day you could like what you see.
You'd want to be with the person I was
when I was pretending to be Me.
You would think my face was beautiful,
about my life, you'd want to know...
One of the places I had been to...
Would be a place you wanted to go.

But now I know that I cannot hide,
behind the Me that isn't Me...
And though I can put on an elaborate show,
One day you will have to see.
I borrowed this face from a neighbor,
this life is not mine to live.
I have never been too far away,
and I have nothing else to give.
Now what do you think of this person,
the one that is actually Me?
Can you still call me beautiful,
Or am I not who you thought I'd be?
Silver Star Angel of Da Towers
I love it!! I can picture it as a song, too.
WHEE~! <3 <3 <3 ME LUFFS ME LUFFS! laugh.gif Actually, it reminds me of one of Michelle Branch's songs, or something Vanessa Carlton would do or something like that.... I really, really like it. wub.gif *bounceyhuggle* You should sing it and put up a recording. That would be really cool. blink.gif Keep up ze good vork! biggrin.gif
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