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Bwahahaha.... So last weekend I camped out at a friends house, four of us there, and the next day we got up and were all getting dressed when my friend made a comment that his shirt was too baggy. So, being all prepared like I was, I whipped out my Cannibal Sex Kitty shirt and that's what he wore to the amusement park we went to that day.
Plus, I introduced the animations to two of 'em the night before. The third being the one who introduced me to the animations. Plus he hadn't gotten there yet at that point.

Uh huh. That's all. This thread just seemed to have been abandoned.
I had passed this site along an Prof of mine after I had first found this via a friends AIM profile. Too bad she now teaches at another college, because she may have used it for a course she taught here
QUOTE (Mata @ Jan 25 2004, 05:31 PM)
Err... I've only sent... Ooo, probably less than six T-shirts to Australia. It sounds like there's a major case of bootlegging going on there. Could you find out some more details about the band please, I'd be very interested in finding out where they bought their T-shirts from!

YAY!! I own one of 6 orignal matazone T-shirts in .au

'Conform, Consume, Obey!'

BTW, I cant see a link to the new store anywhear..
The store no longer exists. sad.gif

They have been licensed to a company to sell in actual genuine shops, apparently.
Yep. At the moment there are only LGG bags, which should be appearing in UK shops very soon indeed (if they're not already there). I'll let you know when I find any online shops stocking them.
QUOTE (Mata @ Oct 28 2004, 12:24 PM)
Yep. At the moment there are only LGG bags, which should be appearing in UK shops very soon indeed (if they're not already there). I'll let you know when I find any online shops stocking them.

Oh yes, please do... I didn't look on the site for ages and so missed my chance because I didn't see that the shop was closing down! *sobs*
You should've been on the mailing list then! I felt a bit guilty actually for reminding people so often, but I knew I'd only get 'have I missed it?' emails if I didn't. I still got a couple, but not as many as I might have had otherwise.
Snugglebum the Destroyer
there are only LGG bags, which should be appearing in UK shops very soon indeed

Can you let us know which shops? I'd absolutely buy a LGG CD type bag.
When I know some then I'll post them on here, at the moment I don't know for sure.
I was at my university the other day and showed the Samurai Lapin animations to my friends Al and James . They thought they were awesome, especially Al. He couldn't get enough of it. I explained to him the origin of the site and that, "This is that guy Mata with the site with the message board where I met my girlfriend. Yeah, and you know that Little Goth Girl shirt I wore the other day? There's a whole series with her in it. Here's the latest one." He also thought Mata's voice was kick-ass and we had a long and involved conversation after watching "Little Goth Girl's First Date" about life and the universe and stuff. I think I made a convert.

I also explain Matazone to anyone who asks how Spiffy and I met. Whenever I tell the story, it always starts off with, "A few years ago this really artsy guy named Mata started a website..."
Sir Psycho Sexy
QUOTE (Righteous @ Nov 3 2004, 11:45 PM)
I also explain Matazone to anyone who asks how Spiffy and I met. Whenever I tell the story, it always starts off with, "A few years ago this really artsy guy named Mata started a website..."

really? i just mumble something about the internet when people ask how i met emmy
The attempt is to promote the site more than anything. I don't care if anyone knows exactly where online I met my girlfriend. I just want to make converts. That's what's important.

Oh, and Al and James thought "How to Have Fun on a Lovely Afternoon" was hilarious, but they wanted me to "narrate it with that guy Mata's voice" because I quoted Lapin earlier with the voice and apparently did it well.

EDIT: Also, explaining what Matazone is seems to add legitimacy (to some extent) to how I met my belovéd in the eyes of those who ask. It doesn't work on everyone, though. My older sister went on a rant about how Spiffy was "probably some 40-year-old woman who likes to take advantage of college boys (no joke)." This was after I had visited and we met IRL. My sister later met my baby and ended up liking her.
So yesterday my friends and I all went to a concert, and because the unofficial dress code says you really ought to be wearing black, I lent them all shirts. laugh.gif Shirts in question were both LGG, "my size in black" and "goes nuts" and I ended up wearing my Mr. SB one. Some guy in line turned around and said "thats cool, didn't they stop selling those?" and then turned back around. Mind, that's what I think he said; I was really quite drugged up on cold medicine and caffeine at the time though.
At school today some people were talking about children's TV programmes they used to watch and brought up Skippy... as in the kangaroo.

And then of course they started singing the theme tune and I joined in but kept accidentally singing the word "goth" instead of "bush"...

And so of course I had to explain and show them The Other Side. I don't think they got it though. Conversion attempt failed. sad.gif
Last year my global class was talking about the pros and cons of different economic/governmental systems and I showed them Mr. snaffleburger (to demonstate the evils of corporations, but mostly to brag about mata). I've seen 3 shirts on people who are not my friends thus far. Bwah-ha-ha.
QUOTE (Mata @ Jan 24 2004, 10:45 AM)
(although it has become harder to animate since I started these forums!).

No! everybody, stop posting!
I want more mata animations!
Shh!!! let the poor man concentrate on making us more of teh funnies.

(*hushes room to allow for Mata to create in peace*)
=D !
I've run into that a bit too, Exceptional. Not everybody "gets" Mata's humor. I recall showing "Brother Black Sheep" to some cats at my university laughing my ass off and they sat there as if we had just watched Rosie O'Donnell do standup.
Sir Psycho Sexy
Went to the comedy night in my student union and some guy turned, stared at my t-shirt long enough to make me feel I had toothpaste on it then just said "cool t-shirt" and started explaining to his friend who Mr Snaffleburger was, I was quite chuffed tongue.gif
Mwahahahaha, soon all the world shall know my name, and they shall cower in fear!!!!! FEAR I TELL YOU!!!!

Er... I mean... Scrub that last bit. They will all be very happy and peaceful. Yep. That's what it'll be like. No world-domination plans for me. Nuh-uh. ph34r.gif
Source inspriation for Mittens found tongue.gif
Dig this: I went to see my friend Carol the other day in the city and I wore my LGG tee (because it looks good with my gray thermals and the wind was coming from the ocean). I met up with her, we exchanged hugs and kisses and she pointed and said, "Dude, I love those cartoons!" to which I replied, "You go to Matazone? That's where I met my girlfriend." "Dude, really?" "Yeah, man." Conversation ensued and I felt happy.

Over the past few days I have managed to convert TWO other people... we may be seeing them shortly. Convers(at)ion (online) went something like this:

Convert1: I went shopping today
Exceptional: All your troubles can be solved through shopping... (Mr Sb eyes)
Convert1: What?
Exceptional: (sends hyperlink to first Mr Sb animation)
Convert1: YAY that was funny
Exceptional: Did you get it?
Convert1: Yep
(Exceptional does triumphant dance)
Exceptional: Now convert everyone else!
Convert1: Okay


Convert2: Argh my car's broken down
Exceptional: Your brrm brrm car stopped working
Convert1: Like Mr Snuffleburger guy
Exceptional: Snaffleburger
Convert2: vrooooooooooom vroooooooooom
Exceptional: No, brrm brrm.
Convert1: Mr Snaffle burger
Exceptional: Snaffleburger
Convert2: Which website?
Convert1: Conform, consume, obey!!!
Exceptional: (sends hyperlink)
Convert1: It is cool
Convert2: Twisted animations?
Convert1: *evil laugh*
Convert2: What's the matter?
Convert1: You mean what's the MATA
Exceptional: Watch the next one, watch the next one!
Convert2: Uh... what were you doing watching them in the first place?
Exceptional: Uh... nothing


Convert1: (after watching the "sell-spleen-now" animation) Aww, the kitten was cute until it drank the blood
Exceptional: (sees chance) Watch this one (sends hyperlink to first Mittens animation)
Convert1: Kitty 1 is v. funny
Convert2: I LOVE the cat
Exceptional: (evil laughter)
Convert1: I can smell your brains
Convert2: I can ssmell your brains
Convert2: I like the cats best
(Full-scale Snaffleburger v. Mittens war breaks out) biggrin.gif
One side believes in the kitties, the other believes in the purple puppet, over generations they grow apart, conflicting when they should be celebrating their difference, two families alike in dignity, in fair cyberspace where we do lay our scene...
Sadly, Homestar is far more popular around here than Mata's work... I only know a few people at this school who've seen a few of his animations, but if you so much as mutter "Trogdor..." people will leap out of lockers, sashay down the hall, hang from the lights, whatever, and shout "THE BURNINATOR!!!!" Ay caramba.
Homestar Runner is well written and nicely animated. It's often a bit more mainstream than my kind of humour, but it is funny. I've never really been looking to get their sort of mass market acceptance, but hopefully I will grow enough that most people will be aware of my site, even only so that they are aware that it's not quite their thing.
I have tried and tried to get my friends to come here.
I think i almost convinced one after i told him about the Brother Blacksheep
Then he went and got himself grounded....
he may be in about a month if he does not get grounded agian.
I introduced my 13-year-old sister to The Other Side today when she grew tired of me quoting Mr Snaffleburger at her and her not knowing what I was on about... so I took her up to my computer and showed her. Ooh, she said, there are other animations too!

So she watched all the Mr Snaffleburger ones, then all the Mittens ones (yes, even the second one, though I did warn her about the content first).

She was in the middle of the LGG ones when my mother came up to the computer and said "this is unsuitable, I don't want you to watch any more of it- it might give you nightmares." Both my sister and I thought that the LGG animations were funny but my mother didn't understand the humour and just thought they were over-sinister. (Do you think I should direct her to the Halloween ones? tongue.gif )

So now my sister is banned from watching LGG because it's "too scary" for her. That's not fair, is it?

I converted my mother a little while ago. Who then found a use for Mr Snaffleburger that I doubt even Mata ever invisioned: as a tie-in for Literature class.

No, seriously.

I think Mata will forgive the copywrite infringement of large-screen viewing for several Lit classes. Forthwith, the "Castaway" animation is a visual aid for Lord of the Flies, and somehow she got "Mr Snaffleburger Is Not Real" to work with 1984. (It's best not to ask.)

It makes me very much...
Excellent! It's nice to know that some of my cultural referencing is making its way into classrooms!

I did hear once that the first episode of Mittens was taught as part of a university animation course in Canada as an example of script and timing being more important than visuals.
I keep telling the few friends that I have who aren't here about this place, in an attempt to get Matazone one of the most visited web pages of all time, and thus more donations for Mata, thus leading to more animations.
I had a bunch of friends over tonight... After a while, there were at least four of us reciting Giraffe Humour together.
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