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Full Version: A Poem For Fun
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I saw a ring I wanted to gank.
I put it on and I looked like a skank.
So I put it back and went to the bank.
I pulled my money out with a yank.
I stepped in the mud and my foot sank.
I sniifed my shoe and it was rank.
So I took off and said to myself Thank,
Goodness I have a word like gank.
ank that just the ankiest thing in the world! i loves it lo, i'll be sure to bring the potato sack in july wink.gif laugh.gif
Another poem.

I was with a friend and pulled a prank.
We found a skunk that really stank,
Then put it in a big fish tank,
Covered it with our bud Frank,
and made him say the word gank.

He cried and sang and then he thanked,
Us for the tomatoe juice that we ganked.
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