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A ringing, piercing sound echoes.
seeing the first light, a new dawn.
The dawn of life
A new crimson river flows.

Laughing and smiling brightly
A childhood, so many paths
Unknowing and innocent to the world.
Delicate as a rose, this beauty of life.

Years wear on, hardships in life,
But the memories are there.
Happy times, friends, our own get away.
Retreat for a while, the beautiful roses.

Remember the times when we smiled?
Remember all those who care?
Delicate as a rose, our lives and memories,
And those who matter. Memories of a better time.

All around, smiling faces, friends and family.
A tear is shed, life... It matters.
Remember the ones who care, who love you.
But most of all - Remember the delicate roses.

-Andy Hillier

A poem of life. Nothing much really, but I'm tired of seeing so many low spirited poems around! And inspiration hits me like a blunt axe, so I have to write. Now live. Live life to the fullest, it is a delicate thing, along with friendships... Ugh I won't get into that now though. I'll save that for another time.
Dreams On Hiatus
Hey I like that. smile.gif And my inspiration comes like that too. If I don't write it down, it's lost forever. 'Tis sad, bit 'tis true. biggrin.gif
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