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Full Version: Little Goth Girl
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I've definitely decided that I love Little Goth Girl! I've watched the whole series twice now, and I think it's great!

I came to the forum to ask what the meaning was behind LLG's patient reference number. But as I looked at the sign on the Bouncy Room door, I realised that "54R4h" is, of course "Sarah". I didn't see it until I looked at the screen, because I don't usually write my fours that way. So I've answered my own question.

BUT, I now have another burning question. What I want to know is, who was the "sir" that the Counsellor was talking to in LLG Part 2? If the Counsellor is really the Angel Zuriel, then Sir might be God. But would the Almighty really contact someone via a cellphone? Enquiring kitties want to know!

Finally, I just loved the artwork in The Counsellor's Encounter! Would you consider making a Zuriel T-shirt? Those wings are just fantastic.

the Tigress
Sir Psycho Sexy
both these points have been raised before somewhere along the line, but, what with new people coming along all the time i guess its expected that there will be repeat questions wink.gif

i'm not sure if mata's officially answered the second question yet....i don't think he's quite deicided (i know this because i asked him when he was drunk) laugh.gif

.....ahem >_>

if you look in one of the animations, the time on her clock is 6.66, then she blinks and its 7.06, clever eh?
Yeh Mata a long Sleeve (Black of course), Teeshirt with Zuriel would be nice please. XL as the beer belly needs room tongue.gif
QUOTE (Sir_Psycho_Sexy @ Jan 22 2004, 01:39 PM)
If you look in one of the animations, the time on her clock is 6.66, then she blinks and its 7.06, clever eh?

Yeah, I noticed that one too. Great little tidbit. I love all the attention to detail.

(Okay, so this is a "me too" post. I'm guilty.)

Another thing I found to be cool/creepy was the LLG and the Bunnies anim, when all the bunnies were blinking at the same time. Spooky!

the Tigress
The bunnies blinking at the same time was something that happened by accident, but looked so cool I left it in!

The future of the T-shirts is a little bit of a mystery at the moment. There's a very nice chap from a reasonably sized company that may be paying me to let them use my designs. They would produce them and distribute them, meaning that I would no longer have to do all the packing and sending myself (plus I would get back the half of my rather compact office that is currently taken up with boxes of T-shirts). I've got a meeting with the chap on Feb 12th, until then I can't say anything for sure about what designs may or may not happen next.

As for your questions about the plot, well, you'll just have to either work it out yourself or wait and see smile.gif
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