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In twilight's haze, you dissapeard from sight.

As you left, my anger grew with might.

Though not towards you or those around.

Yet I screamed at myself as I fell to the ground.

"I LET HER DOWN! ..... I... I let her down."

With tears af pain and anguish so great.

I looked to the heavens and started to pray.

"Dear lord take mine and not her soul.

For I deserve this, I should go!

This world deserves her beauty and grace.

So please.. oh god... let me take her place."

Maybe my voice did not reach far enough.

Maybe my prayer was not strong enough.

She was gone now... this I knew.

As I fell helplessly to the ground, in shock from this truth.

I am so sorry to this day.

I cannot forgive myself in any way.

It was me, and no one else to blame.

I just hope that when we meet again, I can hear you say.

"I forgive you."
Silver Star Angel of Da Towers
*goes to get a box of tissues* omg... that... was... beautiful!!!
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