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Full Version: Poems Of Mine
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ok, these are just some poems I wrote a while ago. might be interesting reading for some of you.
So it seems you gave me everything I ever wanted,
but you took it away and now i'm left bleeding.
I hope to death, but you didn't cut me deep enough to die.
You've been cut too many times, ripped open.
Now you don't bleed anymore.
Stab myself in the chest,
cut out my heart,
throw it on the floor,
walk away from the pain,
leave it to be stepped on again,
hope its destroyed this time.
You are me and I am you,
You are the half of me that wants to die,
I am the half of you that wants to live,
You have given in the me,
but only until i give in to you.
Dahhhling you have a very dark poetic side blink.gif I like the wordplays though. Out of curiosity, what are you going to art school for, writing or drawing or what?
yeah, thats me - i'm a dark side, the whole side of me. so i guess its kinda a dark front or something. hmmm. nah i can be humorous *cannot think of how to spell that today. Ack!* and sometimes I may even smile ohmy.gif yep, sometimes. I'm actually not sure why i'm going to art school. if there was a writing school i'd be going to it, but every class (other than university ones) is basic english and crappy. I guess when I can finally get accepted to uni then i'd like to do writing, but for now i'm not interested in how to string a sentence together. I already know that. tongue.gif Art school is a way of getting paid by the government until I get my truck drivin' job.
I felt for you,
I couldn't let you know,
I hid it away.

I felt for you,
I let you know,
I let it out.

I feel for you,
you dont want to know,
I cant hide it,
I cant let it out.
here's something I threw together a few minutes ago. seems I have writers block or something coz I know I can do much better than this.

I tried to love you,
you ripped my heart open,

I tried to forget you,
I healed my wounds,

I tried to love again,
I opened up my heart,
but only pain spilled out.
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