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Little Green Goth

As the wind blows though the trees
I sit and wonder how these
days moved so quickly
With out my knowlage.

I dream of peace when chaos roams free around me
I dream of Love when I see none near me
I dream of Knowlage when it is denyed to me
I dream of seeing far off places but I am grounded.

My heart breaks for the Human Race,
Watching it self-distruct and taking Earth with it
War up on one another
War upon the land
War within one's own mind

To have live this long and not feel
It must be true what the song says
Life is nothing but Dreams
some come true
but most do not

And so I sit here, watching
the pages of people's lives
be scattered by the wind
with no direction
and I yearn for more.
yes. Very good. But don`t take my opinion. I hate the word `noob`.

I don`t know who you are
and when your autumn leaves tear across my sight
your gone... I dont care and it doesnt hurt
Id even lie
Little Green Goth
o.o It's just a word. Words are like money, they are valueless unless someone puts meaning behind them. And meanings change, whether you change them or someone else does.
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