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Full Version: I Need Glasses
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Sir Psycho Sexy
...damn you and your vast intellect....still, you know what they say about evil vodka...kills brain cells......all of them laugh.gif tongue.gif
QUOTE (Pixiegoth @ Feb 6 2004, 03:17 AM)
I got my glasses last night so I now officially a speccie (jk)! laugh.gif I'm sat here in my office typing away in my glasses ohmy.gif

It feels really weird and I guess I'll just have to get used to it smile.gif

Pictures required.

Now. Chicks in specs are teh roxxors.

And just for the record, recent studies at the Univeristy of Jonman show that pigtails are indeed the sexiest hairstyle for the ladies by a factor of 43%. Researchers put it down to a number of factors, the main ones being swishyness, bouncnicity and grab-a-holdability.
QUOTE (Pixiegoth @ Feb 6 2004, 12:17 PM)
QUOTE (franken-sarah @ Feb 6 2004, 11:22 AM)
And are they working with the whole "sexy secretary" look?? wink.gif

Well I've got pigtails in at the moment and I'm wearing a Lost Prophets t-shirt with jeans so I don't think I look anything like a secretary. But I'm still sexy! wink.gif

RAAWWRR!! wink.gif wink.gif

Oh, yeah, and YAY!! I managed to lower the tone again!! laugh.gif

When you say pig-tails you mean plaits, right?? I like to wear my hair in bunches - Lea bring the cheerleader stuff out again!! laugh.gif laugh.gif
'bout 7 years ago I started working full-time in front of a computer screen, and after a year noticed that my eyes were getting more and more knackered .... I went to an opticians, who measured it up, and stopped bothering at what she called "125%" and declared that I had great eye-sight, no worries ... she then proceeded to 'recommend' me a pair of glasses anyway, just for magnifying things that were at 50cms from my face ... I wore them for about 6 months, ditched the horrible things, and changed jobs, setting up my own company where I could buy the right filters for the screens. Oh boy. What a difference ... the filters cost more than the screens but holy moly what a difference it made ... I'm not sure what the point is to all this, but I'd like to add that glasses can be a VERY sexy accessory to hotness ...
Eh. I wear glasses for reading, that is about all really. I can see/read perfectly fine without them. I just need them to read smaller print. I'm farsighted but being in front of a computer screen all the time seems to have altered it back to being normal I suppose.
I like the pig tails too, but I'm not um.. "old"? I don't know if I would consider you all TOO old though tongue.gif

Speaking of hanging around outside schools... Ittsy Bittsy Tittsy Girl by Deadsy.. blink.gif
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