Poison Goddess

You’ve had a taste of this Poison Goddess,
There’s no love left to spurn,
There’s no time left to burn.

To escape from this precious moment,
To be released from this hell,
To find that all is good and well.

Back to the darkness,
Turn from the light, pray that it’s all alright.

This deceit is boundless,
To pretend that we’re fine,
That it’s all pomegranate wine.

These withdrawal symptoms,
To leave your knowledge,
Your cursed paradise.

Are you ready now?
To feel this pain?
To you, it must be all the same…

Slipping back under the tongue,
This bile, your toxic pill,
Sweet un-remembrance.

You were from a perfect world,
A world that threw me away,
To abyss-like coldness.

You’ve had a taste of this Poison Goddess,
Tell me, are you ok?
I stand, just waiting to fall.

Fal xXx