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Full Version: Ballad Of The Mangle Cake
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Gather ‘round, creatures,
I have a tale to tell
Of a baker’s nightmare,
A cake out of hell.

It began one innocent night,
A soft and sweet eve,
But it brought a horror
Like you wouldn’t believe

The baking itself,
That went along fine,
But the icing was poor,
The cause of the crime.

When it was time to ice,
The cake stood proud,
Said “I refuse to be frosted
With sweets of low brow.”

And so it began
A long and great battle
Of a man and his pastry
It caused quite a rattle.

Half the cake was mangled
And thirty minutes had passed,
Still half the caked to be iced
The baker couldn’t last

Of this fight he grew weary
Had to get on with his life
He glanced at the cake,
And put down the knife.

I feel the need,
To tell this cake’s story
I speak of the mangle cake
In all of it’s glory.

(Its about a cake I baked once. When I iced it it all fell apart because I had used cheap icing. It ended up being a mixture of icing and cake. Well, half of it was. I got angry and gave up.)
Ooo, me likes! laugh.gif Really reminds me of Maurice Sendak's "Midnight Kitchen", I think it was called... Or something like that... Quite a good book, actually... Anyways, good job! Keep up the nice work! happy.gif
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