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Full Version: Samuri Lapin
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Yes, I know that MATA is probably sick and tired of hearing T-Shirt suggestions by now, but I was just looking at the Lapin shirts, and it occured to me that we need a Ninja Ozaki and/or Samuri Ozaki T-shirt too.

Personally, I just love her eyes.....

the Tigress
As I said in other bits of the 'about the animations' forums pretty recently, things are currently a bit in the air when it comes to the T-shirts. I'm hoping that soon the production and distribution of them will be taken over by another company, saving me the hard work of running it all and hopefully making me more money so that I can concentrate on making animations and doing my PhD without worrying too much about paying the rent.

Yep, life has got to the point where paying the rent at the end of the month is one of those things that if I don't do it then no-one else will. There's also the point that I'm about to turn 27 and I have no personal pension started and it's getting late if I want to be comfortable when I retire. Ho hum. Life can be really dull sometimes.
Those are some cool ideas, Tigress.

As for you, Mata, I've decided to bite the bullet and contribute to the site somehow. I'll figure something out. As for retirement, I suggest mutual funds. They're rather safe depending on which company you choose and you can rack up some decent coinage if you invest over a long period of time. Either that or you can knock over a bank. wink.gif

I'll pray for Matazone and the family. Hopefully that'll help some.
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