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Full Version: Sarah's Forum Poem
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Sarah the Spider
Sometimes I am here,
but often I am not.
Usually when I post though,
I give it all I've got.
Talking to people across the globe,
who've never seen me face-to-face--
But I trust them with my secrets,
and we seem to come from the same place.
I think everyone needs a Matazone,
a place where they can run...
Even if they're not in a group or clique;
just to be themselves and have some fun.
So maybe I'm not around so much,
the way I used to be...
But all the people, discussions, and late nights here
will always be a part of me.
Silver Star Angel of Da Towers
me like biggrin.gif
its very matazoney
Aww, my site is immortalised in poetry! Yay! I like it!
rolleyes.gif That is just sooo sweet!! Yes, chatty-goodness is great!! *hugs*
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