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Full Version: Nontzeflash Animation Festival
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mike madariaga
Nontzeflash Animation Festival cultural web site and Bilbao’s Fantastic Film Festival (FANT) promote the Animated Film competition called Nontzeflash.

This is an on-line competition on the site . The best animated films will be awarded by judges and they will be shown on Bilbao’s Fantastic Film Festival FANT 2004.

The animated films will be produced in SWF and the file should be no bigger than 2,5 Mb. In site you have three languages: Basque, English and Spanish

The deadline to submit for the competition will be 15th April 2004. Nevertheless, the organization would appreciate that the films are submitted beforehand to be shown on for the entertainment of The Internet users.

The competition offers the following awards:

- Nontzeflash Award to The Best Animated film 2000 euros
- Second Award 1500 euros
- “People’s Choice” Award. 900 euros
- The Best animated film in Basque. 900 euros

Rights belong to you, artists just let Nontzeflash use them only to show the movies on-line and off-line. More details on

If you want to contact or submit the film:
I'm not sure if this post is entirely appropriate to the nature of these forums....
Dreams On Hiatus
blink.gif I agree with saucy_tara. I don't think you're supposed to advertise in the forums...

And I think there is a thread for advertisements somewhere here. Wait, no it's for announcements. So, in conclusion, advertisements in the forums are a no-no.

Well I've posted Mata about this so we'll see what the boss says, but generally I think advertisements aren't allowed on these forums
Mata should compete and win all the cash!
Since it's a competition I guess this is okay, and it does relate to the site content after all.

If I get time I may even enter it!
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