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Full Version: A Poem
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Dreams On Hiatus
Azaelia's Sorrow: Observation of Drajhil (<-- btw that is pronounced dra-ZHEEL)

Beyond the fields and wint'ry plains;
Beyond the boundaries in which the soul contains;
Among the heavens and bright dreams anew;
In each and every detail; each drop of dew:

I see the laughter and life you give;
I see in my hands a metaphorical sieve;
In each grain of sand that forever falls;
I see the pain that surrounds your halls...

Beyond the earth and its firey core;
Beneath the sea and its ancient shore;
Encircled with light of the angel's wings;
Wearing the crown of the heavenly kings:

I see your wings fold 'round your heart;
I hear you whisper your words to depart;
Your search of faith you must begin;
You cannot escape; you're bound from within...

I got the idea from a story that Trina and I are writing.

Let me know what you think... ph34r.gif
Dreams On Hiatus
If it's bad please tell me and let me know why you think it's bad. It will help me to become a better writer. Or if you think it's good, please tell me too.
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