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Full Version: Is It Tru?
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The Tortured Soul
I could have sworn that saw Mr. Snaffleburger on MTV2 it was a while ago and my memory has a habit of changing things but this i'm sure of as i knew the saying CONFORM CONSUME OBEY before every1 else did (at skool that is sum ppl i know go around saying it) but i didn't know about this site (i'm glad i du now tho it's great)...

kan nebody shed sum light on the matter...

btw i e-mailed matta dunno if he'll rely i did ask him not 2 waste his poodles time on me when they should be training!!! hehe
no I think it was
I didnt see it though sad.gif
yeah, been mentioned a few times. I only have MVT1 though sad.gif
I know he has some sort of deal with MTV2 but don't know if Mr Snaffleburger has been shown yet.
mr snaffleburger and little goth girl have both been on MTV2 in the UK
Crazi is right, and I replied to you earlier today smile.gif
*feels smart* smile.gif
The Tortured Soul
yeah i just red that mail hehe
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