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Full Version: To All Who Want To Get Published
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Ok so i stimbled around the net for a few days and found this site. I checked it out and it looks ok. or another site is . Now the latter i am not sure of but it might be ok. well i hope this helps a few of you out if you all know more or a better way please let me know.

well thats all for now
Till next time I'm justwonder.... biggrin.gif
Silver Star Angel of Da Towers
You should get yourself published! your stuff is hot!
Thanks a lot really, i love that kind of feed back. But like i said even though i want to its not as easy as it looks lol getting published 101 is the next class i need to take. well i hope others try to get published. Just remember that no matter what you write good bad or the other its yours and you did it,that is more than enough to be proud of. well till next time I'm justwondering.....will i ever get published? cool.gif
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