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Full Version: Religious Symbolism
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Well, this is more a creation in process, but whatever...

I'm trying to write a story drenched with as much religious symbolism as possible. Not sure exactly where it's going, except that it'll have everything from Sophia to a white elephant to Christ-references to Set to lotus blossoms in it.

So here's your job: tell me your favourite tidbits of religious symbolism. Doesn't matter the religion. Really, be as random as you like here. I just need ideas -- not promising I'll use them, but if I do, I'll try and weave it into a coherent whole at a later date.

Have fun!
Well, Jonah being swallowed by a whale and then "spewed up" as a symbol of rebirth is cool- also, the message, if God wants you to do something, you better darn well do it!

One of my other favorites is Odin hanging on the Tree, sacrificing himself to himself, and reaching down to grasp the runes.

Also, the Wild Hunt is always a rush.

And the Cauldron that either a) brings people back to life, or b. makes them zombies, but always c) ends up being destroyed by a willing sacrifice who may or may not die as a result.

Oooh, ooh! Krishna and the Gopis! You gotta have Gopis! biggrin.gif
Silver Star Angel of Da Towers
Maybe doves, representing angels....
Sir Maxerpopple
The roman siege on massadah, while not purely religious, is a great symbol.

Less so the siege and more so the bodies slewn in the fortress.
The Crucifixion is my favourite. That, or Shiva's dance.

Oh, and let's not forget the Fall. I love the Fall.
Sir Maxerpopple
To add on to commie, the pieta is great, it workeed for michalangelo.
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