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Hear Ye, Hear Ye!! Etc. Etc.!

I kinda find this interesting, because only recently I was posting things in Creations and talking about how I hoped to be published soon, etc. etc. Well, now I'm on the other side of the fence!!

My friends and I are creating a 'Zine called Angst. It's going to be something like a mix between the Onion and the Gothic Handbook.....basically, a 'Zine that has articles, artwork, cartoons, poetry, etc. that look all angsty on the outside, but upon closer inspection are actually poking fun at those people in the world who like to revel in their dramatic misunderstood-ness. We're also going to be satyrical about pop culture (the bf and I currently working on a line of "My Little Ponies" that include "Porn-Star Pony", "Nuclear Pony", "Homeless Pony", etc. etc.) and will most likely poke fun at the people we see around us who are too full of self-importance.

So.....our Zine co-creators suggested that I come here to put out an offer to all of you: let's make a multi-National 'Zine!!! If you want to submit any poems, articles, reviews, artwork, etc. that have to do with poking holes in people's puffed-up "oh my life is so AWWWWWFUL!" (or even poking holes in your own angst!)....let me know!!!
sounds cool.. can i get it too? is my e mail..
Prince Aries
Dear goodness, my darling Ratt. That is incredible. I know I'm not international but sign me up! happy.gif
Sounds brilliant. Can I mock Japanese crack pop culture? And angsty angsters who angst? Yayness!

Don't forget Bag-lady Barbie and Hobo Ken!



and Yes do go right ahead Tiger happy.gif. Looking forward to your tale of angsty angsters who angst smile.gif LOL

Our first issue is set to come out in March, and here's the My Little Pony for the very first issue:

Introducing: BarHo Pony!

Prince Aries
BarHo Pony.....*laughs* I'll never be able to go downtown again and not think of Barho Pony.


A brilliant work of art, dearest.
*bows* Thenk yew, thenk yew. We've got 12 of the little buggers made up already; you should see the other 11! We've got Manson Pony, Nuclear Pony, Homeless Pony, Strap-on Pony, Porn-Star Pony, Keanu Pony, Racist Pony, Satanist Pony, Mutanogenic Pony, Junkie Pony, and Raver Pony! Soon to come: Zombie Pony and Dahmer Pony!

Gotta collect 'em all!
Well, I think I'm "international"... I'm Canadian but I've lived in Singapore my whole life, so that counts, right? I've got a bit too much angst of my own, but I love writing wacky articles and maybe if I find my sense of humour again I'll submit something. Maybe.
Canada and Singapore both count, so you're DOUBLE international! biggrin.gif Since the 'Zine is just starting out, we'll be happy with whatever contributions we receive (just so it won't just be the 4 of us! lol). Perhaps seeing yourself in print will help restore your sense of humor happy.gif.


*sings "Happy Days Are Here Again" and paints a pink-and-yellow noose*
Dahmer Pony

Mmmm... tasty horses.

</end spam>
Ooooohhhh.. *is reminded of a friend*

Count me in.
*dances around happily*

Hooray for people! As soon as we have a cemented plan, I"ll let everyone know. Right now, we're searching for a good site to host us....any suggestions for something inexpensive but with a good amount of space? Say, 300meg?
Rattgirl searches for those who expressed interest in contributing......
count me in too...
RATT!!! *eagerly waits first issue of "The 'Zine"*

Oooh I wanna see Manson Pony, Strap-On Pony (lmfao, you'll know what I mean if you've read my last email) *giggles* and Satanic Pony. happy.gif

I'm sure when my creativity returns to me I will be able to contribute, but until then I will sit in agony, imagination-less. sad.gif


Fallen Element
*puts on whiney childs voice, not uncommon to be heard in the back of a car while on tedious road trips* i wanna see! i wanna see! I WANNA SEE!

count me in! just pm me with whatever!

Fal xXx
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