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Full Version: Peaceful Sleep
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Dreaming as i sleep.

I find simple peace.

A calm sensation I cannot keep.

During this time fears do cease.

Ambitions flourish and hopes increase.

Though it is only fleeting.

A few hours at a time.

For as i wake reality unwinds.

Slowly yet cruely the world seeps in.

Destroying the fabric of what had been.

The day goes by fast and strong.

Some things go right, most go wrong.

This is reality, the cold hard truth.

It makes me beg for the days of my youth.

Now the sun is setting and night descends.

I say farewell to family and friends.

I climb into bed and paitiantly wait.

For a peaceful slumber, a tranquil state.

Reality fades as sleep begin's.

Untill I wake and reality seeps back in.
Thats really good, and oh so true..... sad.gif
smile.gif that was really nice!
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