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Full Version: I Got Published
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Hey everyone justwondering here and today i have gotten some of the best news of my life. I have recieved a letter today from the american poets society that told me great news. I am being published in there next poetry anthology. My poem "for chasity .... my apology" has been picked to be in there new book. I have to thank all of you who beleived in my work and got me to persue my dream. Now this is a giant step with many more to hopefully follow. thank you all and i hope to see you all published along with me soon. well till next time i'm justwondering.... who's next? biggrin.gif
Congrats! That is SO cool! *hugs* I'm so proud of you! happy.gif happy.gif happy.gif
Silver Star Angel of Da Towers
I told you you could do it! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! *hands you congrats cake* laugh.gif
Fallen Element
well done! *hugs

i hope to follow in your published footsteps soon! well done once again!

Fal xXx
Dreams On Hiatus
I've been published too, by people. It's vanity publishing, so I don't get money, but at least I am published...
Hey, congratulations! That's really cool, and it'll look good for you if you decide to approach a publisher to do a solo project.
Hey guys, it's nice to see you got published. Unfortunately is a big scam. They publish everyone that posts a poem. I posted a poem about how much sucked and they sent me a letter saying that I was about to be published. They get your money by making you pay for the poetry anthologies. If they were a legitimate publishing company they wouldn't make their authors pay for having the privelege of being published. Don't be sucked into this scam.

from that site Jaq linked

Here's a list of scammers.
International Society Of Poets
International Library Of Poetry
National Library Of Poetry
The Poetry Guild
National Society Of Poets
Iliad Press (Cader Publishing)
The American Poets Society
Noble House Publishers
Publishers Clearing House
Water Mark Press
The Poem Place
Hollywood's Famous Poets Society
Pen Pushers Publications
Poets' Guild


As a fellow writer, I'm sorry you got scammed. Hell, I've written a novel and no one's interested in it, writing is a lonely and poor profession I'm afraid.
Congratulations! I got some of mien published with, even though they publish everyone's. It's a confidence booster though. Try making a poetry book and sending into an establsihed publishing company. You'll got further there.
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