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Wrote this about 2-3 years ago...

The world falls apart and she drowns in her lies
living with displeasure, this is all she will despise.
The world caves in and she drowns in her fear
no-one to call someone, all she has is her tears.
The wind blows east and her life goes west
her campanion named emptiness is all she knows best.
A feeling that she will never feel again
Is this the beggining or is this finally the end?
the wind blows blows north and her mind runs south
all words never again to be spoken from her mouth.
Her passion for life has lost its toll
her body has left everything and abandoned the soul.
The tips of her fingers have faded away
her songs are wordless and her skies forever grey.
Uncontrolable suicide runs through her veins,
leaving her helpless and along comes the pain.
The tips of her toes crush away in time
forever in her nightmare reality entwines.
The bags of misery cloud up her dark eyes
in her confusion she slowly but painfully rots and dies.
This is all she has ever despised
This is how she has forever lived her life
No beggining and forever no end
No love, friends, or family. THIS IS ALL PRETEND!
yes...indeed...very interesting....
wacko.gif <---u

pies save the pie xxx
I like it. You written anything else?

Keep up the good work, RejectFairyDoll.
Gothymothy girl
Awesome........sounds disturbingly like some of mine. A very gray setting.
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