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Full Version: Aries Seeks Website Help
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Prince Aries
So I've been talking with Cheese for a bit tonight and I've realized it's time I begin my plans for starting up my very own video game website. There's a lot of big sites out there right now, but they vary from horribly biased (such as all websites actually hosted or sponsored by a certain Console) to horrible crap with inaccurate information (IGN). I aspire to bring to the Net a website that gets down to the true nitty gritty of the gaming industry. I spend hours a day researching all forms of gaming information, checking on whats going on in the industry, what's coming out, what's hot, what's not. And sure, everyone talks about the next "killer app" and certainly I would like to touch on those too. But I also want to venture further into lesser known titles, the kind that are pure gold, but just aren't given their proper attention. I would of course set up forums, editorials, reviews, previews, news, pictures, the whole works.

I am posting this now for a few reasons. I've noticed that there's some very intelligent people abounding on these forums with a keen sense in gaming. Fellows like Commie, Jonman, and so on. And it's to all you hardcore gamers out there who have a love for the industry and what makes gaming great that I call out to. Cheese has volunteered to come aboard to help out with some things, but I'm looking for a few more people who know their stuff and want to write for a website.

Also, HTML knowledge would be terriff, as I'm seriously lacking (but learning).

It would be nice to get people with varied opinions and tastes, of course. Personally I have a deep love for fighters, Silent Hill, and RPGs mainly. It'd be great to have people with lots of varied tastes.

I'm also thinking of setting up an anime section, but that may be a bit more minimalized. We'll have to see.

Also, as I am starting to head back into my importing ways, I'm going to start hitting the Japanese imports once again. I have excellent previews of Star Ocean 3 and Shin Megami Tensei 3 I could write up. That's just a small taste of what I want to touch with there. I don't know if there are many importers around though...oh well. A subject for another day.

Ok, so enough rambling from me. I want you to post here and tell me if you're interested! We'll then get in touch and I'll set something up here for candidates. Please let me know! Thanks everyone!

Well, I can't say that I would be able to write reviews for or anything like that because I just don't play enough video games so no hardcore me, but if you ever need a layout or anything, just PM me. I have a couple sites and multiple graphics programs, so helping yours out if you wanted me to, that is, would be absolutely no problem, Aries. And as for imports, I could look around here in NYC, but I haven't seen anything of that nature lately... At least, assuming that the Final Fantasy / DDR (etc.) are out... New York doesn't have the beauty of small stores that carry imported games much anymore... dry.gif
Lord of darness
I would like to help. I play games all the time mostly rpgs, MMORPGs, FPS, Fighters, and what evere catagory gta would fit under (I just cant figure it out)

I know some HTML and what I dont know I can get from y gient book with a lybrarry of all the tags in the back and I have a subscription to gaming pro (it tells me abotu games coming out).
so anyway I offer (and yes I will use spell check if I write anything for this)
A few things:

You'll need your site to be done in a database format, using php or something similar. That allows you a lot of expansion with minimal extra effort. Have a look into the program PHPnuke, apparently it's great for building database driven sites and will make your life a whole lot easier.

Find out as much as possible about professional looking webdesign. You could do far worse than getting hold of Foundation Web Design by Sham Bhangal and Tomasz Jankowski, published by Friends of ED. It's very readable and teaches you some very useful skills from the most basic upwards. Pay attention to those last few chapters about image slicing!

Work out how you're going to fund the site. How is it going to pay it's costs? Have a look around for banner advertising systems and hosting of sponsored links (AdShare and Google sponsored links might be a place to start).

Jon's got a small back catalog of well written reviews on another site, PM him and I'm sure he'll be happy to share them.

I'd love to give you a hand but I'm really busy!

Speaking of hardcore gamers, I've just bought a GP32 so I've been trying to get that set up to emulate my old Spectum favourites smile.gif
I'd be glad to contribute reviews and articles and the like smile.gif They're not right for Urban Freakshow, I feel. Also once it's up, mutual linkage with UFr okay?
Sun Tsu
Handheld Bros. at your service, Aries. My brother and I are happy to help in news, previews and reviews and such for GBA games, and anti-NGage rants also. happy.gif Aidan's willing to help as long as he gets to use the phrase ''hella rocking''. tongue.gif
Prince Aries
Sun Tsu - Hella rockin' is allowed.

Sean - Naturally dear boy. I had full intentions of speaking with you personally about that.

Mata - Thank you incredibly for your advice. I definitely have a lot more ideas then I started off with. I'm a bit slow on the webpage design and maintenance so I was kind of hoping for a bit of advice and I received it! Thank you so much, once again. happy.gif

Everyone - Those who are interested, I'm going to have you e-mail a submission to me. I'm going to use

For submissions. Anything will work. Review, preview, full out news article, or editorial. Do what you feel is best for you. Just email it to me and we'll go from there. And I need to get off my stinkin' arse and write some things too, that way I'm not just all talk there tongue.gif
Oi oi Aries.

As Mata mentioned, I do have a stock of reviews I've written over the last couple of years (about 40 all told). I'd certainly be interested in providing some creative input. Reviews, features etc. My web and tech skills aren't worth the paper they're (not) printed out, so I'll be no use to you on that end.

I'll email you a couple of sample reviews for your delectation.
Sun Tsu
Working on a Mario & Luigi review right now, should be done by the end of the week....
I would say start small, like with a free provider... like freewebs with html beginner's guide I heard is decent (even though I do not use that tongue.gif).

If I played current games, I would give you a review, but it seems a waste to review old stuff like from NES or genesis.
Prince Aries
Jonman, I did receive those in the email and they were definitely top of the line. Once things get up and going, I would like to have your works placed on the site, with your permission, naturally.

Now, things are going to be slow going for a bit. I'm in the process of moving...again.....So I'm about to have some down time from the internet real soon, but once I get back up, I'm going to start getting this thing off the ground.

Thanks everyone for their help! happy.gif
QUOTE (Prince Aries @ Feb 25 2004, 12:44 PM)
Jonman, I did receive those in the email and they were definitely top of the line. Once things get up and going, I would like to have your works placed on the site, with your permission, naturally.

Cheers fella. Drop me an email whenever - I too am going to be 100% IRL for a while while I'm moving. There's plenty more where that came from, and the archive is ever growing. A few might need revisiting, but that's cool too.
I am a consumate geek, and am always willing to help, give pointers, and generally look smart in HTML, ASP and Flash, despite the fact that I've always got too much work to do.
While I realise this may be out of most of our annual "internet budgets", I ran across this company whilst browsing through my latest copy of Wired magazine (hullo geekdom!) and it seemed so astoundingly perfect for the E-Zine my friends and I are working on, I wanted to spread the love in case someone else would be interested.

Click here to view hosty goodness

The Home package is the one that seems best-suited to the needs of those on Matazone I know happy.gif.....although who knows, maybe Mata would be interested in one of the larger packages? *shrug*
Prince Aries
Thank you marvelous much, Contact Woman. When I return from my internet hiatus, I plan on looking into that. Sadly I have to wait a while until I get internet back, but alas, 'tis the joy of moving house, eh? dry.gif
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