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This is something I wrote last semester for my creative "essay" in HON102, or Age of Classicism.

We had gotten to talking about morality, and our professor brought up an episode of Star Trek in which a group of aliens give a human an ultimatem: Either kill this one person to spare the rest of the earth, or don't kill them and let the aliens obliterate the planet. It got me thinking, so I figured I could draw it out with some nice imagery, allusions, and symbolism...

It needs some sprucing up grammatically, I think, but I still like it. Sort of lengthy, but don't let that stop you!


Silver Star Angel of Da Towers
deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep... and loooooooooong... but

Thus Spoke Zarathustra
Very very interesting. I think it's good how you used this technique to communitcate your ideas, I wish more people did. Perhaps slightly more context for those who are reading it unaware of its origins, maybe not. Very nice though.
Non-Objective Portrait Of Karma
I have to say that I thought that was fantastic....there's not much more i can say.....i'll just let it sink in an ponder the questions (and answers) shown
Ooh wow...I'd totally forgotten that I'd even posted this!

Thanks for all the complements! Any and all comments are very much appreciated.
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