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Molentov sundae: My brother Rick, who works at Dairy Queen, sprayed foaming stainless steel cleaner on an ice cream cone, lit it ablaze and threw it. He and the guys made several more and started throwing them around. I wish I could have been there. dry.gif
Snugglebum the Destroyer
*Uber Bump*

I was talking to my mum today which spurned this -

'The Period Fairy'. After I turned sixteen my Mum used to joke that every time that I went to a club or stayed the night at a mates house, she would pray to the Period Fairy. This meant, that if there was any chance that I would be thinking about having sex with someone - lo and behold - I'd start my period the day before.

And, I tell you what - it bloody well worked every time.

Carry on with your lives...
{Gothic Angel}
Eye goo....

Ok that sounds weird... But we were in science (me and my best friend) and we noticed that when teachers talk about communicable diseases they always say "this can be transmitted through blood, spit, and...uh... other bodily fluids.". I mean, I know that might be a bad thing to say to a class of 14-year-olds but we're big boys and girls now. You can say "semen" in front of us without us laughing. Really. This led a to a long discussion about what "other bodily fluids" could include. Hence eye goo.

Sorry if I've posted that here before. Too lazy to check.
You can say "semen" in front of us without us laughing.

Not us, and we're your age dry.gif I wouldn't laugh, but I know plenty of kids who would.

"I'm turning, girlfriend!"

I was trying to cross the street, and for some reason I bolted out (edit: on a bike) when there was a car halfway around the traffic circle. My friend yelled after me, and the lady in the car (SUV actually) paused talking on her cell phone and said "Yeah, I'm turning, girlfriend!"

Needless to say we got a chuckle out of that...I mean, this was a grown woman rolleyes.gif
We have a couple, but not as many as we have inside slang. We barely speak english.
*- slang terms

One day, my friend knocked on my door and handed me a bowl, and told me to keep it, and ran back to her house. She found it in her father's rom, and couldn't keep it herself, so she told me to keep it safe. I named him Thomas, but we later renamed him El Thomo, so El Thomo is always our little secret. "How's Thomas treatin' ya?" "Screwed* El Thomo lately?" *Sigh* El Thomo was raided in an unfortunate stepfather snooping accident, and I haven't seen him since, but man, good times.

El Thomo helped us with another good time. It was the first time for me and Melissa to get stoned together, even though we had known eachother for 3 years. She ran up to my room, and we had to do it quick because she wasn't supposed to be inside anyone's house. We did our thing with El Thomo and we sittin' there laughing at something (I think it was a song) and she stops suddenly and says, "Oh my god, Aiyana, we are soooo close, maaan. We're like... sisters..." and I was deeply moved (as I was stickety-stoned* out of my mind and thought everything was beautiful) and said, "Yeah man, we're like SIAMESE TWINS!" And from there, we decided that we were Siamese Unicorns. When we were born, we were joined at the horn, but they seperated us. The symbol for our friendship now is making a fist (it would help if you did it as you read) but keep your index finger pointed out. Point your finger straight in front of you and stick the back of your hand on your forehead. Whenever we see eachother, we do that and then connect fingers. Man, the looks people give us and the questions they ask. *Sigh* I miss her...
Dreams On Hiatus
Oh my god *where* do I start?! Trina and I have so many.

All I can think of is the recent one between my sister and I:

"You will have a long life which will end shortly."
This thread has been bothering me because i've been trying to figure out all the ones we have. See what you're doing to me?

C.C.- stands for "cold and clammy", I won't go into detail.

Clever *ss little cookie- We were sitting around eating these little pumpkin cakes that were suppose to look like jack o' lanterns. Someone said, "You know what these remind me of? That clever *ss little cookie. Who was he?" Turned out to be the Gingerbread Man. We decided he was the cleverest of the cookies, 'cause he tricked an old man, an old woman, and a fox. But we use it for when people say really obvious things (I'm usually the clever *ss little cookie sad.gif).

Pumpkin stalks- We can't look at pumkins anymore without feeling utterly shameful and stifling a giggle at the same time.

Squeakay Squeakay? *Eyebrow raise, maybe an elbow nudge*- that should be obvious.
Aislinn Faye
QUOTE (Righteous @ Feb 26 2004, 03:15 AM)
Going bowling- This one time, my friends Sam and Matt went on a date telling her dad that they were going bowling. Instead, they went off and had sex, so now "going bowling" means to have sex.

You're evil Ri. Every time you make a reference to that.. you get +1 slap in the face. biggrin.gif


But also on the same note, "wanna go to church?" also means "let's have sex" since...we found a church parking lot we really liked. ph34r.gif
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