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well its kinnda like a game but not really the basic idea is to tell everyone one good thing out of your day and one bad thing (rose=good thorn=bad) and i thought this would bve a nice way to talk about your day in a freindly way....

rose: my dads going to be gone a week

thorn: i have to spend a week alone with my room mate

i dont know this just seemed like a good idea to me....

edit: you can do this as many times as you want any time somthing good happens you can post it as a rose, but if you want to post a thorn you have to post a rose too (its kinnda made so you see the good in everything)
rose: I convinced the movie Store guy to sell me his copy of Yellowbeard.

thorn: I have to go "clubbing" tonight. granted its me friends birthday.. but still dry.gif

I think this is a good idea smile.gif
Cath Sparrow
Rose - I saw a friend I not seen in months

Thorns - It was only for a couple of hours.
Usurper MrTeapot
Rose: My parents are going away to barcelona next weekend.

Thorn: I'm not going with them.

(another rose would be that in 30 mins after hearing about them going away I have already invited 15+ people for a party)
Rose: My friend is going to play her flute solo for the judges today (and I *know* she'll get the best score)

Thorn: I have to put together an entire English debate speechy thing by Monday...
Silver Star Angel of Da Towers
Rose: I finished my Spanish project

Thorn: now I have nothing to do.
Rose: I got to go home for the first time since the beginning of the semester...

Thorn: I have a bunch of work to do when I go back tomorrow, and I think my boyfriend forgot that we were going to go out today...sad.gif
rose: My hair is now violently purple
Thorn: I have chem, bio, english, social and french homework that will ensure that I have no time to see my friends this weekend.
Snugglebum the Destroyer
Rose: I brought something today that was completely decadant, it involves faeries and made me feel good. However, it has no practical use.

Thorn: The mother in - law is coming to visit in March. She is the spawn of Satan.
rose- i didn't do anything today! biggrin.gif

thorn- i didn't do anything today... dry.gif
rose: I did nothing today (notice how the two people who posted in this thread today did nothing?)
thorn: That 'nothing', unfortunatelly, did not involve sleeping for 12-15 hours. Stupid not-being-able-to-sleep-for-more-than-half-of-the-day-ness. dry.gif
good idea, this thread

Rose: I've got loads of work on ... go me!

Thorn: I've got toomuch flaming work on ... its 2 am on a saturday, and i'm doing websites

Thats it, my prices are going up

Rose: I get payed more for this work!

really good thread this
Rose: everyone else seems to be having a good day.

Thorn: I can't think, I need sleep.

Will try posting here again when brain is functioning.
Cath Sparrow
Roses - I got drunk with friends last night. biggrin.gif

Thorns - I had to get up today! blink.gif
Rose: I got to look at all the cute little bunnys and hamsters in the pet shop like I always used to do when I was little today

Thorn: I was alone and went in cos it was right next to the kitchen shop and I was feeling nostalgic

I miss being little!
Rose: We made finals last night in regional competition!
Thorn: We got last place.

Erg... so tired!
Rose: Got drunk with friends (some of which I hadn't seen in months) on friday
Thorn: I acted regrettably
Woah, I really like this idea, Narth! Major props to ya for this thread, m-hm. Anywho, here goes:

Rose: Spring break is coming soon! *__* And with it, ENGLAND and SPAIN! WARMTH! ::puts on a sombrero:: happy.gif

Thorn: First, I have to get through exams (which means lots of studying), and I miss Great Expectations a ton... sad.gif
rose: im having a sXe party!!!!

thorn: no ones coming
Rose: I go to college.
Thorn: It's populated by goddamn morons.
Rose: They're fun to laugh at.
Thorn: It would be better if they were to be beaten to bloody pulps by prison inmates.

Rose: There's a new construction job for me starting tomorrow.
Thorn: I have to cut over two hundred tiles in the presence of my uncle who will invariably give me a hard time.

Rose: I gave up smoking for Lent.
Thorn: I gave up smoking for Lent.

Rose: I have an awesome girlfriend.
Thorn: She lives a thousand miles away.

I'm majorly tempted to go to the corner store and get a pack of cigarettes and a lighter.

EDIT: Screw it. I'm headed out. Forgive me, Spiffy. sad.gif
Rose: I didn't have to take the tram to school today, I got a lift happy.gif

Thorn: It was cold this morning, so I took my sheep skin, then it got hot, and I had nowhere to put it and had to wear it all day... sad.gif

EDIT: I think you've had a harder time than me today Righteous smile.gif
Rose: I get to dress as a comely wench to school this week to entertain primary school kids
Thorn: I'm out of class most of the week and alrady have tons of homework

Rose: I'm trying to quit smoking
Thorn: I'm hungry and the vending machines are broke
the lil' pie fairy
Rose: i've got a free period now happy.gif
Thorn: my friend has two relatives seriously ill and she's all crying sad.gif

Rose: i might find me a new blokey this weekend biggrin.gif
Thorn: i'll have to walk 35 odd miles around that dry.gif

top good idea smile.gif
because I do everything Daedalus tells me to:

Thorn: Audiogene cancelled their tour

Rose: I can eat real food agian because I don't need to save the money anymore. Also they are still doing the one off gig they had as a "warm up" in Nottingham so I'll get to see them once anyway smile.gif
Usurper MrTeapot
Rose: I did a huge chunk of coursework today
Thorn: I've been working on a lot of it since 3pm straight and I expect to have another 3 hours work before I sign off for the night.
Rose: It was warm outside today, and pretty sunny. happy.gif And that's about it.

Thorn: I'm uber sick with a combination of a sinus infection, ear infection, and something similar to bronchitis and strep but not all at once (and therefore cannot enjoy the warmth of 50 or so degrees), am missing review for all my exams (since I am sick and staying home from school), have an exam this FRIDAY which is going to kill me, and I'm extreeemely tired. Also, I have quite a bit of catching-up to do. Yeah, uhm, today was evil. dry.gif
Rose: Everything in my life that sucked a few weeks ago has come full circle and is all good

Thorn: All of my friends are either really depressed, really stressed out, or depressed because they have been stressed out and can't have any fun until Spring Break...sad.gif
Rose: ...

Thorn: everything in my life right now sucks... and i can't do a thing about it.
Rose: Um. Well. I talked to a friend of mine today.

Thorn: I'm stressed. very stressed. And I won't be unstressed until june-ish. So I'm either going to have a heart attack, or a mental breakdown. Yay me.
Rose: I set up my own FreeWebs site.
Thorn: My PC keeps freezing and I'm tempted to shoot the thing with a shotgun.

Rose: School is becoming less stressful.
Thorn: At best, I can get only five credits for the entire year while some do it in one semester.

Rose: I didn't see this asshole Frank today.
Thorn: To the best of my knowledge, he hasn't been beaten to a bloody pulp by prison inmates.
Rose: I learned that I received a 98% on my math test today.

Thorn: I had jazz band after school.
Rose: I'm alive

Thorn: I got my wisdom teeth taken out.. can't play for a month now -.-
QUOTE (Alaric @ Mar 2 2004, 08:56 PM)
Rose: I'm alive

Thorn: I got my wisdom teeth taken out.. can't play for a month now -.-

Crikey, didn't tell me that! Wisdom teeth removal sucks, but apparently I provided hours of fun for my mother and boyfriend. The doctors had said that I would be in extreme pain and would probably be crying, but they wheeled me out to the car and I was giggling like mad and I wouldn't stop speaking garbled French.

*hugs and kisses*
I hope you heal with little consequence...more over, I hope your jaw doesn't freeze on one or both sides...that really sucks. dry.gif

*hugs for everyone who has been having a rough go of it*
Sir Maxerpopple
Rose: I was on a cloud for most of the day.

Thorn: French class set a nuclear device on the cloud.
rose: i though my friend was gonna ask me out
thorn: she didnt sad.gif
rose: i made a new freinds and hes super cool
the lil' pie fairy
rose: umm...i don't feel so exhausted today as i have done the last two days
thorn: i still feel really lonely most of the time sad.gif
Rose: I woke up early enough so I won't miss my bus
Thorn: I'll probably stay on my computer too long and miss my bus anyways. tongue.gif
rose: I get to meet Cath's friend tomorrow and go see "Cats" with her smile.gif

thorn: I'm scared, new people and all that...meep!
Cath Sparrow
Cool! Which one or both?? Don't be scared they don't bite. Well the small one does but she's so cute you wont mind! biggrin.gif

Bloody Great Blooming Roses - I'm going to the Whitby Goth Fest at which The Mission who I've loved since I was 14 are playing!!! biggrin.gif

Big Spikey Thorns - I've still got to book the time off work and book a ticket but I have accomidation! dry.gif
Rose: Tomorrow is Thursday, and then its Friday, and then its the weekend.

Thorn - That feels like bloody days away!
Rose - i managed to fill in my form for helping out at Leeds festival successfully!! (only took two attempts!!) laugh.gif

Thorn - I have professional Studies tomorrow really early in the morning and the teacher really scares me. sad.gif
Rose: I have a 95% in Music Theory II, which is the second highest grade next to my roommate's grade of 95.6, or 96%...huzzah for us!

Thorn: I'm drenched. And I mean totally sopping wet - none of that pansy "Oh, I got caught in a light sprinkle in dry clean only clothes!" stuff...I mean, I was just walking back from class when BOOM. Deluge. Always such fun getting drenched and having all your books get soggy. dry.gif
the lil' pie fairy
roses: i've just had minstrels. and sixty thousand hershey's kisses!! and two quiz replies from blokes that suggest i'm wanted *grins*

thorn: i'm not allowed dr.pepper. still. infact, till the end of lent dry.gif
Cath Sparrow
Roses - I won 40 today biggrin.gif

Thorns - I got to work tomorrow. dry.gif
Rose: I have an awesome girlfriend..

thorn: non hodgkins gastric lymphoma sad.gif
Rose: i don't work today

Thorn: it's cold outside
Rose: In 9 days is my birthday happy.gif and in 8 days I'll be leaving to go to my boyfriend's for a few days (thank GOD!)

Thorn: It seems soooooo far away...
Rose: Have my family

Thorn: Had my heart hurt by "friends" this week.
rose: i ahve chips and dip

thorn: i miss my dad sad.gif
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