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Full Version: Change Of Address
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I'm not sure if this goes here, since I created a new blog...or in Daft/Daily life, since it's kinda unimportant... so mods, feel free to move it smile.gif

Anyway..I just wanted to announce the creation of a new's on Blogger, so I think I kinda just separated myself from the Matazone blogring....I dunno. I have links to all the people I used to have links to. I just like Blogger more for some reason...less clutter, maybe? I dunno.

Well, this new blog is a little different in style and tone from my previous attempt. I suppose you could say that the new one is showing the side of me that only my friends see: the side of me that composes opinionated diatribes happy.gif. With issues how they are these days, I really don't think i could resist much longer, though.

Anyway, here it is. Please take a look? tongue.gif
Gothymothy girl
ok, great.

(sorry I just hate seeing the little 0's on the "replies" list.)
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