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The bf and I got our Wacom Intuos2 Graphic Tablet yesterday!!!

*spends a few minutes bouncing off the walls going WOOHOO WOOHOO WOOHOO in approved Daffy Duck manner*

So anyway, I'm learning how to use it, natch. I made a couple little thingummies with it (the first one being non-serious, the second being serious) and I wanted to show y'all. so here...

Oooooh, that's real purrrdy. wub.gif How long did it take you to do that second one? I have practically no idea what a graphics tablet does... I really, really like the colors and the smudged look -- very fantasy-like.
OMG, YAY FOR YOU! YOU GOT A WACOM TABLET! happy.gif! *joins you in bouncing off walls in Daffy Duck manner* One of the best creations on this planet, I tell ya'... Ehehehe... >>; Your works are a helluva lot better than what I've been able to create from scratch wif it, tho'. It's been a little hard for me to get used to, but you look like you're doing a fantastic job. Very, very pretty graphics... Awesome work! Keep it up, m'keeys?! smile.gif
Dreams On Hiatus
Wow very purdy -- much better then my corny little .gifs. laugh.gif
Cath Sparrow
QUOTE (Dreams On Hiatus @ Mar 6 2004, 10:16 PM)
Wow very purdy -- much better then my corny little .gifs. laugh.gif

I like your corny little gifs there cute! biggrin.gif

That second pic was is good I is really liking that!
Those are nice!

It took me a few months to get the hang of my tablet, but it's certainly helped me draw some things for my animations a lot faster. I've got a little A5 sized Wacom tablet.
Personally I like the first better but eh, you know I love your work Ratt!

...and WWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! for getting a tablet! laugh.gif
whoa....I just lost my post....*sniffle* sad.gif

Ok....well I've been spending uber amounts of time diddling with the tablet (ever since the bf deleted Gunbound from the puter, since it "distracted him too much" (aka he was always playing it)), and hopefully I have gotten better at it...unsure.gif I think so....anyway.....

Ty ty ty ty ty happy.gif Everyone. I really love my art but I always think everyone else will think it's stupid, so I'm glad people like it. lol.

MST: it took about 45 minutes for me to make that one, since I was just starting to use the tablet and I couldn't get my stroke pressures down. (this thing has 1024 levels of pressure ph34r.gif it takes some getting used to)

sammi: mmmmkeys ma'am happy.gif I'm spending hours on it these days! For some reason i've never had much trouble altering my drawing styles to fit it...I dunno if it's because I tried mirror writing a lot when I was little, or what. Natural aptitude or sumpin...I dunno...*hides in shirt*

DoH: Nuh uh!!! I love your little gifs!! I can't make gifs of swirlies or purple ponies or any of that, so you top me there tongue.gif NYAH NYAH and all that! lol

Mata: *recovers from momentary heady feeling of being complimented by the Mata* Is the A5 that little one about the size of a mousepad? If so we were thinking about that one, but the bf likes lots of workspace (all his sketchbooks are huge!! tongue.gif) so we got the 6 x 8 instead.

Freaky: *HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGLES* ty wifey! *grin* You can have the first one if you want, I know it's still on the puter somewhere. I'll even put a little graphic frame on it if you want! wink.gif

Ok, so now that I've spent a little time getting to know my new little tablet friend (and Corel Paint 8....bless you Wacom!!!), I made another painty-type thing that I want to put out for your perusal...if I had oil paints in real life, I'd probably be trying to make this sort of thing on an actual canvas tongue.gif lol.

YAY! I get first one and make it my desktop background laugh.gif

Ooh feels weird being called Freaky... no-one called me that in a long time sad.gif

I wanna see more oh Mistress of Artisitc Goodness! aka my ewifey


cuz I know u like dem, tehehhe. laugh.gif

Edit - just realised u should be 'Mistress of Artistic Goodness' instead of a Master. My bad huh.gif
Lol yeah, it's funny 'cuz I know everyone here probably calls you Enslaved or what have you, but you've been Freaky to me for...what is it, like....5 years now? Something like that. The only reason I don't call Anthony 'Smalls' anymore is 'cuz I spent a whole week with him at one point, which made it easier to remember his name tongue.gif. So hopefully when you come down here I'll just start calling you Nat all the time.

Although Nat and Ratt sounds better than Nat and Julia....maybe I should change my name? LOL

I was gonna say I'll email you the house pic, but you can just save it to your computer from here, can't you? LOL I keep forgetting about that. Unless you wanted the frame? If so then yeah, I'll have to remake it and email it to you.

Ummmm.....yeah there's other stuff I've made but I'll email those to you 'cuz they're mostly just stupid stuff smile.gif
Yeh actually, you, noid (I just cant call him Aaron, he's my noidlyman - well not anymore blink.gif ) and Smalls are the only people that call me Freaky now. And none of you do it very often. Actually Noid calls me Nat now, and Smalls is always just like "hey".

Btw, there aint nuthin wrong with the sound of Nat and Julia. WTF u talkin about? Must be your accent makin it sound weird or sumpin, cuz with mine, its all good!

*has pic as background already* biggrin.gif

And I want more emails damnit MORE!!!!!

Sorry, I've spammed your thread sad.gif
QUOTE (Rattgirl @ Mar 13 2004, 04:38 PM)
Mata: *recovers from momentary heady feeling of being complimented by the Mata* Is the A5 that little one about the size of a mousepad? If so we were thinking about that one, but the bf likes lots of workspace (all his sketchbooks are huge!! tongue.gif) so we got the 6 x 8 instead.

A5 is half the size of a standard piece of paper for a printer (which is A4, double the size is A3, I think you see the pattern).

And my views are worth just as much as those of anyone else on here, but I'm happy that you are flattered.
Ahhhh yes, the pattern emerges. Do you mean the workspace is about that size, or the tablet as a whole? If it's workspace, then I guess ours would be the A5 size, but if it's the tablet as a whole, then...uhh...A3? Not sure. AAAUUGH dimensions! Thinking!

Anyway, I've been creating like a little squirrel monkey with unlimited poo (what a lovely image, eh?)...we got a great deal from Wacom on Corel Paint 8 (full program for a little less than the upgrade price...yippee!!) so I've been combining learning tablet use with learning Corel Paint...the Sponge brushes are my friends!! happy.gif wub.gif

So....any ideas on good photo-quality printers that don't cost body parts? We've realized that our current printer is nowhere near capable of the kinds of image quality necessary to do our booteeful art justice! *heh*
my laptop regularly decided that maybe it doesn't have a usb port after all and prompty shuts off the connection to my wacom tab (forget the printer. if I try and tell it it has a printer, it has a nervous breakdown and crashes). erlack. occasionally I am tricksey and plug it in and out, switching from the lablet to my eraser-type mouse, which confuses it and allows me to use the tablet for periods of time. ultimately it catches on and eats up my paintshop pro files in revenge.

Gothymothy girl

You deny me freshmaker?!
Curse you and your artistic abilities.
I will find you somehow and these powers will be mine!!

Seriously though i prefered the first pic to the second one, its simple and elegent, i like that.
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