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Full Version: Thing Wot I Wrote
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Non-Objective Portrait Of Karma
decided to put this up...even no one will get it. Not, i hasten to add, because i am in some way superior - but because it is meant to be viewed in the context of a story that i cant be arsed to put up.

So yeh, it's meant to be a characters thought process as he sits in a school and ponders..*mmm ponder*

i'll put the rest up if i can be arsed.

A chill from northern winds. Ventilation from another plain. A dovetail imprinted on the window. Prepubescent bodies pushed against Perspex. Tommy knockers. Knock on wood. Know the wind from my lungs. Bodies move as one. Reflections from broken glass. Broken dreams. A voice within my head. Guilty conscience. Conscious of the world around. The world within. Night follows day. Day follows night. Never ending circles of the mind. Perpetual motion. Never sleeping. Only resting my eyes. Balance on the tip. Tip top. Tip of my tongue. Top of my mind. Words spill forth in streams of consciousness. No more tears. Big boys don’t cry. Born the same but changed in life. Blessing or a curse. Always alone when others feel hated. Never in danger but never relaxed. All others before me died. Why must I. Am I not alive. Destiny designed an immortal. In body. In mind. In work. In dreams. Circling the psyche. Circle the drain. Sucked into oblivion. Desolated but still aware. See the world through my eyes. The blind lead the blind.
ph34r.gif Think Il Add My Piece, saves starting a new thread. Just a passage i scrawled down the other night...

A casual depressive with a condition that seems to suit what's going on around him but not himself, its always on the world terms and on his shoulders. Such Power to crush his hopes and shatter his dreams and turn the tears of one into the tears of another. A Display of life maps and battle scars to show the way it went......and the ways it went horribly wrong, off the rails and something he would regret. Healing time three weeks, just enough time to bear hiding it. Discipline, Rules and regulation to set an example to those who really needed to stop.
[Skapunkmonk], please start a new thread for things like this.
Thus Spoke Zarathustra
I prefered it when before you told be that the pre-pubescent bodies pushed up against perspex were clothed.....*runs and hides in shed full of photos of children*

You can't proove anything!
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