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Full Version: Political Poetry...
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this is what happens when me and Kat go to dinner smile.gif

Table One

their eyes are calculating the distance
we mustn't get to close for god sake
what they have is infectious
we need national assistance!!!
their kind linger like a twisting snake
it is unnatural what they do..
it is disgusting too!
ugh how could you touch someone
that has the same human composition as you? Yes, more tea please
then you claim you LOVE them, it not what god commands
you shove your views down our throat with your MTV
don't worry honey, god will punish them for holding hands

Table Six
they don't know I got fired today and trouble is arising
I can't find a way to tell them we're lowest on the food chain
they don't care about corporate down sizing
all they want to know is when will they eat again
my babies just want to run and play
shit I can't afford this food and they are just eating away
15 years in the same 4x6 cube, slaving all day
and that motherfucker took my ideas to India today
so my paycheck stops but the mortgage keeps coming
and the light company needs more money
hell I'm already two months behind
babies here are the keys to the car go on out and wait for me
I'll head to the bathroom and slide out the side
I have to take care of my babies screw laws, screw pride

Table Nine
I love her. she is so hot...
she has nice breasts..
I wonder if the Crispy Chicken Delight is good?
Sir Maxerpopple
Did you get these ideas from other tables? What an interesting way to eat at a restaurant.
yeah... I was just watching people and their actions...their reactions to their settings... I used to do the same thing at airport terminals. It makes for great material and understanding.
Certainly a good way of writing. Any thoughts on putting music to this kind of writing?
Kat and me did a song together... and I have given lyrics to a few people... but I personally have the musical talent of a dumb truck... I try... but it never really ends well smile.gif But if someone wants lyrics I am willing to help.....
Gothymothy girl
Coo...........coo.....................Im a pidgeon. I like the poem.
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