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Full Version: Melancholy Sky
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Thus Spoke Zarathustra
I based this loosely on Italian Sonnet form, bending a few rules.

Tell me what you think

Melancholy Sky

What do you make of it my twilight friend?
While the soil pass under my weary feet
Memories take on a long earnt golden hue;
You shroud me once again this night and send
To me the dreamscapes I am forced to pretend,
Now you reveal to me its truth, while others sleep
Let them be tended to like penned up sheep,
I shall wait for you dear friend outside the queue.
When clouds have parted through and stars joke,
You shall be dead again to this faithless life;
Dark will return without solace to hope,
Time begins playing out our eternal strife
Both audience and actor on Sinaiís slope
Hear my prayer, my melancholy sky
Silver Star Angel of Da Towers
that's pretty!!!!!!
Dreams On Hiatus
I like that! It gave me the image of someone sad walking under the stars, looking up every now and then and sighing heavily.

Very cool! biggrin.gif
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