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Hola from Angola! I used to write poetry in Wien (Vienna). Now I write poetry in Angola. My poems are are about my beloved monkeys. I write in more of a mid to late 19th century style. I used to write by the name of Serge Handfeld. Most of my original works and publications were burned in May of 1938 when I lived in Austria. Here are a few that have made me quite popular in my new hometown of Cazombo, Angola.

"Why do monkeys always smile, even when they're spanked awhile. It's out of love I do this so, even though I like the show."

"Monkeys run and monkeys hide, I love to chase them from outside. They shriek and yell and bite my hand but in a cage is where they'll land."

"My favorite monkey, oh where has he gone. He learned how to speak so he's finally moved on. He likes to drink rum so he couldn't be far, he's probably with my wife getting drunk in bar."

The last one is my favorite. It's based on a true event. I'll write more if requested. I've been very busy lately teaching my monkeys to talk.
Gothymothy girl

That was really cool. I liked it, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write MORE!!!
So glad you appeciate my monkeys aren't as scary as they appear.

I saw a monkey with a stick, he ran toward me really quick.
He swung it hard and missed my head, if he had hit me I'd be dead.

As I was walking through the zoo, a monkey hit me with his poo.
I threw it back and cursed his name, no monkeys putting me to shame.

Monkeys always say I'm mean, they hate my guts and make me scream.
I treat them good and feed them well, yet still they tell me go to hell.

Hiking in the jungle green, I spied a monkey who was my queen. I bowed
my head and offered grace, but still she bit me in the face.

A monkey tried to ride my cat, my cat thought the monkey was a rat.
Round and round they fought like mad, the monkey lost so now he's sad.
I told him not to worry so, my cat had dealt another blow. She's big and
mean and likes to bite, always looking for a monkey to fight.
Gothymothy girl

Thank you for writing more amuses should try to publish it. You could go far.
Gothymothy girl

Thank you for writing more amuses should try to publish it. You could go far.
Gothymothy girl
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Off Sonny now...find out how!

"My monkey wore my clothes today, It pissed me off I've got to say. I chased him down and made him cry, and all he did was wonder why. I told him think before you act, he bit by ear as a matter of fact. I stripped him nude and spanked his rear, be bit again upon my ear. I yelled and spanked with all my might, the monkey cared less and continued to bite. I finally stopped my rain of blows, that monkey he still wears my clothes."

This is another poem based on a true story. Try not to tell too many people OK?
Gothymothy girl


There, did that one work?
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