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Full Version: Some Drawing I Made
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Well I made this drawing of a stereotypical anime dude. I was surprised at how well it came out. Normally, I can't draw worth a crap. Then again, most of my family had a natural talent at drawing, maybe I just had to find mine. Anyway, here it is:

P.S. Very sorry for the huge size. Unfortuneatly I have no photo editor. If any Mod or Admin or someone thinks it's too big to keep here feel free to delete the topic or picture or whatever.
Well, I went ahead and made a second drawing. I like this one better.

I managed to get the spirals out. But, I still can't make it smaller. Oh well. And sorry about the erasure marks.
Drawing is getting addictive. This is my attempt at an anime version of me. As said in the picture, it's about 60% accurate. Don't worry, my mother is a very blunt critic, so I know she was telling the truth.

ETA: As a side note, I'm not asian. My hair is brown, but looks black with the picture being black and white. And my eyes look slanted because I was trying to draw them like they are, that is, almond-shaped, not slanted.

ETA #2: GASP! I'm pretty sure this is exactly thread 100 of Creations!
Well, my first actual scene. The art in this one reminds me a tad of FLCL for some reason...

Silver Star Angel of Da Towers
Lol. You're on your way! *hands you a cake* Did you scan those? Because if you did I'll be expecting a pic of you very soon. lol jk. But i like the cookie one.
Gothymothy girl
Hey, its really good. But you need to improve. Your necks shouldn't curve in like that, and your hair needs improvement. But I like your interest and I say keep going. biggrin.gif You're good.

(sorry if I sound like a jerk)
A good, free, non-spyware photo/graphic editor is Irfanveiw, which you can download at .

I've had very good luck with
Mr Fuzzy
Another thing to mention is... Optimisation!

Have a fiddle with compression settings when you save a file - you would be suprised at how small they can get. With pictures like these using a very limited number of colours you might get good results saving them as gif rather than jpg.
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